Vapor Intrusion

G1. Vapor Intrusion Risk Assessment and Site Management

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Vapor Intrusion at Former Manufactured Gas Plants: Do the Petroleum Hydrocarbon Site Exclusion Criteria Apply?A.J. Christensen and D.Y. MarquezPlatformViewView
Quantifiable Lines of Evidence for Chemical Vapor Intrusion H. Schuver, C. Holton, C. Lutes, J. Kurtz, and R. TruesdalePlatformViewView
Developing a Quantitative Decision Framework for Residential Vapor Intrusion EvaluationsC. Lutes, L. Lund, K. Hallberg, C. Holton, D. Caldwell, and E. CorlPlatformViewView
Supporting Stakeholders through Vapor Intrusion Response Actions in a Large Active Military Manufacturing BuildingK.J. Campbell, T.N. Creamer, and D. CaldwellPlatformViewView
Vapor Intrusion Study of Landfill Gas Containing Elevated Levels of Carbon DioxideK.M. Kristensen, A.G. Christensen, M. Sonne, and A.M. Granhoj HansenPosterView 
Summary of State Approaches to Vapor Intrusion: 2018 UpdateB. Eklund, L. Beckley, and R. RagoPosterView 
The New Subsurface Intrusion Pathway in the CERCLA Hazard Ranking System (HRS): Impacts on Site Management StrategiesC. Holton, L. Lund, and C. LutesPosterView 
Applications of the Navy Quantitative Decision Framework at Military BuildingsC. Holton, C. Lutes, L. Lund, and R. MacLurePosterView 
Hydrocarbon Background Levels in Denmark: Indoor and Outdoor AirP. Loll, P. Novrup, and B. HvidbergPosterView 
Trichloroethylene (TCE) Emerging Issues and Vapor Intrusion Rapid ActionJ. Lowe, L. Lund, and C. LutesPosterView 
A Review of Current TCE Short-Term Indoor Air StandardsL.J. TrozzoloPosterView 
Modeling of Source to Building Exclusion Distances at Petroleum-Contaminated SitesI. Verginelli and R. BaciocchiPosterView