Vapor Intrusion

G3. Vapor Intrusion Preferential Pathways

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Sewers as a Preferential VI Pathway: Dynamic Measurements and Quantitative Risk AssessmentsP. Loll, P. Larsen, C. Larsen, H. Nielsen, K.D. Raun, K.R. Thygesen, and K.B. MortensenPlatformViewView
Analysis of TCE Vapor Distribution in Utility Corridors above a Dissolved Plume and Spatial Correlation with Residential Vapor Intrusion ImpactsY. Guo, P. Dahlen, and P.C. JohnsonPlatformViewView
Flow Dynamics in Sewer Systems and Potentials on VI Preferential PathwaysT.V. Bote, B.N. Hoffmark, L. Nissen, K.B. Mortensen, K.R. Thygesen, H. Nielsen, K.D. Raun, and S.R. PedersenPlatformView 
Prevalence and Extent of cVOC Contamination in Sanitary Sewers due to Groundwater Contamination in the San Francisco Bay AreaB. Richman, K. Pennell, M. Armen, G. Skulason, A. Vitouchkine, C.R. Viteri, and A.E. MillerPlatformViewView
The Autobahn of Vapor Intrusion Migration: Pathway Evaluation from a Sole Source-Impacted Subsurface SewerA.P. Friedrich and A. WallacePlatformViewView
Sewer Ventilation as a VI Mitigation Alternative: Case StudiesK.E. Hallberg, L. Lund, J. High, Q. Bingham, D. Cleland, and M. RoginskePlatformViewView
New Insights Into Exposure through Preferential Pathway Vapor MigrationM. Hamilton, C. McFall, and G. RandallPosterView 
Sewer Preferential Pathway Vapor Intrusion: Fake News or the New Normal?L. Beckley and T. McHughPosterView 
Indoor Air Problems Caused by Chlorinated Solvents Spreading through Public Sewer SystemsK.B. Nielsen and K. RüeggPosterView 
Vapor Transport through Sewer Systems: Mechanisms and VariablesM. Roghani and K.G. PennellPosterView 
Geospatial Screening Method to Identify Sewer Gas Inhalation Exposure Risks near Hazardous Waste SitesE.J. Willett and K.G. PennellPosterView