Biodegradation of Emerging Contaminants

C8. Impacts of Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events on Remedial Design



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Developing a Robust Design for Consideration of Climate Change Impacts: Hunters Point Sediment Case Study. M. Harclerode, S. Ohannessian, D. Janda, E. Blischke, R. Mathew, P. Kulis, T. Macbeth, and M. Fattahipour.ViewView
Climate Change and Cleanup: A Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Strategy for Washington State's Contaminated Sites. C.E. Asher.  ViewView
Remedy Resiliency to Extreme Weather Events. R. Thun.   ViewView
Evaluation of Resiliency of U.S. EPA Superfund Remedies in the 2017 Hurricane Season. R. Josiam, H. Thornton, C. Pachon, and S. Vaughn.ViewView
Focusing Remedy Transition at a Former Fuel Terminal Located in a Cold Weather Climate on Using Green and Sustainable Strategies. K.A. Waldron, C. Schultz, C. Cohu, J. Freeman, K. Holland, and J. Ricker.  ViewView