Remediation and Restoration Alternatives

B7. Beneficial Use of Contaminated Sediments

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Treatability Studies to Support On-Site Beneficial Reuse of Tidal Flat Sediments at a CERCLA Site in ConnecticutT. Delano, E. Iorio, C. Montgomery, D. Lewis, and R. SchmidtViewView
Enabling Port Expansion through Beneficial Use of Contaminated Sediment: A Case Study from Mosjoen, NorwayR. Gardner, M. Seljenes Bøe, H. Nes, R. Morosky, M.J. Elsner, and K. NæsViewView
Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from Acid Mine Drainage Using Geotextile Tube Containment and Dewatering TechnologyT.C. StephensViewView
Dredge Sediment Reuse: Expanded Approach and Broad ApplicationsJ.D. Chambers, S. McLaughlin, V. Magar, and M. EddeViewView
Pilot Channel and Beneficial Reuse of Sediments for a Time Critical Removal ActionA. Emery-DeVisser, J. Hansen, J. Caryl, and C. DraperView
Milwaukee Harbor (Jones Island) Confined Disposal Facility-Dredged Material Disposal Facility Beneficial Use EvaluationS. Garbaciak, S. Lehrke, R. Paulson, and B. RammeViewView
Evaluating the Impact of Activated Carbon on the Engineering Properties and Leaching Potential of Portland Cement-Stabilized Contaminated Dredged SedimentL. Iacobucci, R. Miskewitz, and A. MaherView
A Novel Approach for Searching Suitable Sediment Placement Sites: Combination of GIS-Based Spatial Assessments and Cost-Benefit AnalysisA. Itkonen, S. Oksman, and S. Vaalgamaa.ViewView
Environmental Assessment of Road Materials Including Marine Dredged Sediments from Dunkirk Harbor (North Sea, France)Y. Mamindy Pajany, C. Priez, and J. NadahView View
Beneficial Reuse of Dredged Materials in the Mid-Atlantic Region: Laboratory Considerations and a Review of Significant ProjectsT.J. Occhialini, J. Bourdeau, and E. PortaView