Track A: Bioremediation Implementation Practices
A11. Challenges in Application of Bioremediation Tools




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Achieving Project Success through Remediation Failure
R. Oesterreich
Comparison of In Situ Bioremediation of Perchlorate and Chlorinated Solvents at Three Sites in Close Proximity: Challenges and Lessons Learned
W.A. Foss, P. Srivastav, and R.E. Mayer
EVO Use in Hard Water Aquifers: Implications and Strategies for Successful Substrate Distribution
J.F. Ortiz-Medina, L. Ross, and R.C. Borden
Successful Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination in Bedrock with Long-Term Monitoring: Two Case Studies
P.M. Dombrowski, P. Kakarla, M. Temple, M. Lee, D. Raymond, and C. Weeden
Fast-Tracking Aggressive Remediation in Clay Soils with a Challenging Site Setting
E. Bishop, A. Gerringer, M. Bennett, P.M. Dombrowski, and K. O'Neal
Toluene-Producing Bacteria from Sediments and Groundwater of the Southeastern U.S.
R.J. Poche, K.G. Namikas, M.M. L’Hoste, and W.M. Moe