Track E: Environmental Impacts of Microplastics, Munitions, and Nitrates
E6. Bioremediation of Munitions Constituents




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Evaluating the Water Reactivity of Expired Propellants
R. Le, J. Smith, K. Eden, and D. Graves
Linking Proven Technologies to Bioremediate TNT and Metabolites and Facilitate On-Site Reuse of Soil
S.M. Larew, E.D. Meeks, and A.G. Seech
Co-Removal of Energetics and Oxyanions via In Situ Coupling of Catalytic and Enzymatic Destructions: A Solution to Ammunition Wastewater Treatment
C. Zheng, C. Zhou, and B. Rittmann
Isolation and Characterization of Nitroguanidine-Degrading Bacteria
J. Kim, K. Chu, M.E. Fuller, and P.B. Hatzinger
Bioaugmentation Design for Treatment of Munitions Constituents
S. Downey, R. Mayer, and Z. Parham
Application of Proteomics to Assess Degradation of RDX in Pure Cultures and Groundwater from Impacted Sites
F. Kara Murdoch, R.W. Murdoch, S. Higgins, M. Fuller, A. Hill, L. Mullins, M. Gander, A. Danko, and K.H. Kucharzyk