Track E: Advances in Natural Attenuation
E9. Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions




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Natural Occurrence of Feammox Conditions and Anammox Microbiota within a PFAS Plume at the Groundwater-to-Surface Water Interface
B. Harding, R. Gwinn, and J. Buzzell
Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions at the Transition Zone: Utilizing an In Situ Passive Sampling Program to Evaluate Groundwater Upwelling
B.G. Pautler, M. Healey, J. Roberts, J. Conder, D. Toler, L. Fontenot, and S. Aufdenkampe
A Seep Origin Story: Using Electrical Hydrogeology to Find Mysterious Deep LNAPL Source
T. Halihan, K.W. Spears, and S.W. McDonald
Assessing the Origin of Groundwater Springs and Implications for PFAS Fate and Transport at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho
M.R. Shultz and M. Anding
Field Studies of PFAS Retention of Groundwater at Freshwater/Saltwater Interfaces
R.D. Cardoso, S.A. Lee, D. Roff, H.M. Hort, B.Y. Li, and C.J. Newell
Investigating Groundwater: Surface Water Interaction Using Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Technology
S. Lee, H. Tahon, D. Adilman, F. Selker, and C. Gabrielli