Platform Presentation Information

PowerPoint Slides Due May 27, 2024.


Please do not include confidential or sensitive information in your slides that you do not wish published. 

All PowerPoint files submitted for platform presentations will be included in the Conference Proceedings unless the presenting author contacts the Conference Office ([email protected]) with the request to not have their file included. All such requests must be received no later than June 7, 2024.  

Slide revisions submitted after the due date may be submitted only at the Tech Support Desk onsite and must be received 24-hours in advance of your presentation.

Slides will not be reviewed for content or function (e.g., proper slide advancement, animations, etc.) by the Conference Office. Please verify, in advance of submission, that your presentation operates as desired. You may check your slides at any time at the onsite Tech Support Desk.

Due Date: May 27, 2024

The corresponding/presenting author will receive an email in early-May providing information on how to name the file and where to upload it.

Bring a backup copy of the file to the Conference.

General Schedule

Platform sessions will be conducted in nine concurrent daytime tracks, Monday through Thursday. The program will also include a dedicated panel discussion track with eight panel discussions.

Scheduled Session, Date, and Time

Session/Date/Time. The placement notification email sent to each corresponding/presenting author states the session to which your abstract is assigned, the day that session is scheduled, and the presentation time.

Presentation Length

25 minutes total: 18 min. (presentation) + 5 min. (Q&A) + 2 min. (transition to next speaker)

Of the 25 scheduled minutes, plan to speak for about 18 minutes, leaving about five minutes for questions and two minutes for transition to the next speaker.

Please limit background material, site descriptions, and information about standard methods to the first three to five minutes—use the remaining time to cover unusual aspects of the work and the results and conclusions. Please be respectful of other speaker’s scheduled presentation times and do not exceed your time slot. Session Chairs will enforce the time limit for each speaker so that the nine concurrent tracks will run according to the printed schedule.

We recommend doing a dry run of your presentation, checking the content and 18-minute length of prepared remarks and the legibility of visual materials. This will help ensure that the research results are conveyed effectively to the audience.

Slide Design Recommendations

The session rooms are large and most people in the audience will be sitting a considerable distance from the projection screen. Please keep the following recommendations in mind when preparing your visuals:
  • In general, 20 slides are the maximum number of slides that can effectively be used in an 18-minute talk.
  • Use large type (at least 24 point) and select an attractive color scheme that provides maximum contrast and visibility—dark text on a light background is recommended.
  • Select only the most relevant information and carefully restrict the amount of text and complexity of drawings and tables.
  • Avoid using paragraphs; instead use bullet points with at most six points per slide.
  • Avoid using large headers and footers, they will crowd the slides and distract attention from the content.
  • Animation—Use animation judiciously. Overuse can be a distraction and cause slides to display slowly. If your presentation includes extensive animations, please submit a PDF version of the file with animations removed for use in the Proceedings.
  • Backup Slides—If you prepare backup slides for Q&A please clearly label them as such. Backup slides will not be included in the PDF of the slides prepared for the Proceedings.
  • Videos/Online ContentPresentation laptops will not have hard-wired internet connections. Videos and any other linked/online content should be embedded in the presentation to ensure proper function. Video files cannot be supported in the online Proceedings, please submit a PDF version of your file as you wish it to appear in the Proceedings.

Session Room Equipment

Professional AV staff will be present to run the projection and sound equipment. Each session room will be equipped with the following:

  • Digital projector and a computer (running MS/Windows®10 and supporting PowerPoint® 2017 and earlier versions)—no other software (e.g., Prezi, Visme, etc.) will be supported. The computer running slides will be located at the tech table in each room, not the podium.
  • A slide advancer will be located at the podium to advance your slides. Your required speaker meeting the day of your session will include examples of the session room equipment for you to look at prior to your presentation.

Speaker Practice Room

A prep room with a laptop and projector/screen will be available for speakers’ use in rehearsing presentations.