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Battelle at AFA's Air, Space & Cyber 2020

For more than 90 years, Battelle has been trusted to deliver remarkable science, technology and engineering outcomes for government and industry alike. With experience spanning dozens of interrelated disciplines, unmatched facilities, and objectivity as the world’s largest not-for-profit R&D organization, we provide comprehensive, deployable solutions that protect people and save lives. We’re addressing cyber resilience, hypersonics, workforce development and more.

Cyber Resilience & Trusted Microelectronics

Battelle provides focused expertise and advanced R&D to pioneer root of trust verification to secure our nation’s most critical assets. Using our unparalleled expertise and advanced laboratory capabilities we have developed state-of-the-art trusted assurance capabilities to secure military and civilian microelectronics. With this capability you can identify counterfeit components from trusted and untrusted sources and find nefarious messages injected into the microelectronics by malicious actors, which can threaten the safety, security, quality, and reliability of the components we rely on to protect our nation. 

Our capability provides:

Hypersonics & Advanced Materials

The urgency to meet and exceed near-peer capabilities in hypersonic weapons systems has elevated the importance of solving the daunting scientific and engineering challenges that have made reliable flight at hypersonic (Mach 5+) speeds elusive.  One such critical need is Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) that can withstand the aerothermodynamic heating of traveling at hypersonic speeds – few materials can withstand such extreme temperatures, and current manufacturing practices can take on the order of months to yield a single part. 

Battelle’s Advanced Materials team employs our deep scientific and engineering expertise to help government and commercial clients develop new capabilities, extend the lifetime of current systems, and improve operational performance.  Our materials capabilities are being brought to bear on this challenge by investigating a range of concepts to improve hypersonic TPS performance and accelerate manufacturability.  We have made key investments in internal capability and are taking a leadership role to quickly mature the domestic manufacturing infrastructure of Carbon/Carbon (C/C) Composites and other high-performance refractory materials:

  • $1M in capital investment to establish an R&D-scale high-temperature composite development laboratory focused on improving performance and manufacturability for advanced TPS

  • Internal R&D investments in specialized characterization, analytical, and modeling capabilities to accelerate materials development for hypersonic applications

  • Working to develop a collaborative industry coalition to evaluate and improve C/C composite manufacturing practices to improve, broaden and diversify the existing manufacturing base

We welcome enthusiastic partners to help us deliver robust and innovative solutions to serve the national interest and establish a robust manufacturing base for these critical materials. 

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Rapid Prototyping & Low-Rate Initial Production

Battelle’s access to over 2,500 engineers and scientists coupled with in-house prototyping and manufacturing facilities provides customers with rapid products for performance testing, validation, and user feedback. From capability gap to prototype to testing to low rate initial production (LRIP)—Battelle has the facilities, technical expertise, and manufacturing know-how to address current and future national security needs.

A recent example of Battelle’s speed of relevance is going from concept, to prototype to low quantity production on our CCDS Critical Care Decontamination System™ [pdf]. Battelle moved from capability gap to proof of concept testing to production and deployment of 60 CCDS™ systems capable of decontaminating 4.8 million N95 masks per day to help the nation overcome today’s critical COVID-19 PPE shortages. The entire process to develop, receive FDA authorization, and deploy these systems throughout the United States took less than two months. Learn more [pdf].


Battelle is at the forefront of neurotechnology and bioelectronic medicine, establishing the standard for human performance, safety, and rehabilitation. We are proud to offer our next generation solutions designed for airmen to improve performance; prevent and diagnose cardiovascular stress, traumatic brain injury, and stroke; and stimulate physical movement after spinal cord injury. View our graphic simulation to learn more [pdf]

  • NeuroLife® Neural Bypass Technology is a breakthrough brain-computer interface that empowers paralyzed patients to regain conscious control of their fingers, hand and wrist. This technology skips damaged areas of the nervous system to allow the brain to communicate directly with muscles.

  • Neural Signal Processing & Data Analysis turns complex brain signals into clear information for innovative neurodiagnostics, therapies and other applications. 

STEM Education & Workforce Development

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) serve as the foundation on which Battelle's business is built. Our scientists and researchers rely on their STEM expertise every day to drive innovation. This drives our conviction that all young people deserve a strong education in STEM. Together with public and private partners, we're bringing quality STEM education to millions of students across the U.S. Learn more

Battelle currently operates two defense STEM and workforce development programs, among others for various partners. 

  1. Army Education Outreach Program (AEOP) [pdf]
  2. Navy Manufacturing Engineering Education Program (MEEP) [pdf]