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Barricade™ Nondestructive Integrated Circuit Verification Technology

Saving Time, Money and Lives

Battelle’s unique Barricade verification technology helps identify counterfeit hardware and integrated circuits (ICs), before they reach critical products.
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Barricade Protects
National Supply Chains

Counterfeit or changed hardware compromise the security, quality, reliability and profitability of products across industries and our national defense. With Barricade, these threats are reduced, ICs are authenticated and components are protected.

How it Works 

Barricade technology is created with the most advanced signal acquisition hardware and software capabilities installed on-site. The system collects and transmits a component fingerprint to a remote, authenticated server for classification. A user report is then returned to the system with the results of the authentication classifier.  
An all-encompassing classifier algorithm performs an electronic component classification. This means only a few authentic chips are necessary to enroll an entire class, letting you allocate your valuable resources elsewhere. Barricade is applicable to analog and digital devices, and immediately ready for use.  
Photo: Infographic of Battelle Barricade's signal acquisition microelectronics verification technology

Barricade: Unmatched Threat Reduction Technology 

We safeguard supply chain efficiently at a competitive price point, providing users with a detection solution unlike any other. Barricade outperforms conventional nondestructive authentication methods and other emerging products.   

Photo: Battelle Barricade in use to screen supply chain hardware
Photo:  Battelle Barricade in use with nondestructive, nonintrusive features

Barricade™ Nondestructive Integrated Circuit Verification Technology Features

  • Nondestructive  
  • Nonintrusive
  • High confidence/reliability
  • Simple-to-use graphical interface
  • Low cost per-part (pennies per-part)
  • High throughput rate (seconds per-part)
  • Easily integrated with automated pick-and-place machines 

Alert: Zero Trust Requirements are Coming

Contact a Battelle expert today to learn how our Trust & Assurance Ecosystem can help you prepare. Our partners are at the forefront of increasing protection through zero trust requirements. Our team is ready to provide you with the solutions you need in order to follow the latest best practices and approaches.
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Photo: Battelle cybersecurity engineers assessing a threat

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Continuous innovation is vital to the state of our nation’s cybersecurity. Highly-functioning cyber operations rely on independent ideas, expertise and exploration. If you’re ready to contribute to  global cyber solutions with a mission to serve the world, we want to hear from you.  

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