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Rapid Assembly Inspection for COTS Security (RAICS)

Microelectronics are the heart of most critical hardware. Strong, reliable and rapid security testing for microelectronics protects our global supply chain and enhances national security and public safety. Battelle has developed an automated solution for creating safer electronics.
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Microelectronics Inspection Tool to Ensure Hardware Security

Many mission-critical systems rely on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components and printed circuit boards (PCBs). In order to meet emerging zero-trust requirements, there will be a need to inspect all existing and incoming hardware.

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PCBs host COTS devices from hundreds of authorized and non-authorized distributors worldwide. This creates a risk for tampering, modification, or counterfeit elements before installation into critical assets.

RAICS is the first automated, non-destructive , hardware and software solution to quantify the trust and assurance of COTS PCB assemblies and enable direct integration of the PCB supply chain into locations such as PCB manufacturing facilities, repair depots, and test and integration facilities.

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How It Works

RAICS utilizes a data-driven test approach to quantify the risk of PCB assemblies, enables a direct integration into logistics depots and platform assembly locations, and supports the needs of emerging zero-trust supply chain requirements. 

Battelle RAICS tests and verifies COTS boards and applies sensor fusion to a myriad of sensing modalities to create a unique multimodal signature of a PCB assembly. This signature includes the individual components, architectural relationships, manufacturer markings and other identifying characteristics.  

The digital signature enables the identification of a compromised or anomalous device among its duplicates. By comparing the signature to a database of known device components, we can identify probable anomalies and counterfeit boards and components, even in the absence of a 'golden reference’ sample for comparison. Design files are not required for RAICS to be effective.  


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Reduce time and cost in your supply chain security inspections and verification.

As an integrated hardware and software solution, RAICS is designed specifically to assess PCB trust and assurance, minimize the search space for threats, reduce the inspection time from hours to minutes, and standardize the risk reporting process with bill-of-material (BOM) generation and quantified anomaly assessments.   

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