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Overcome Everyday Hurdles

Empowering those with paralysis to regain conscious control of fingers, hand and wrist. 
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Battelle’s collaborative efforts to overcome devastating neurological damage and disorders are evident in two recent pioneering technologies:

NeuroLife™ Neural Bypass Technology

Battelle developed a breakthrough technology that empowers paralyzed patients to regain conscious control of their fingers, hand and wrist. Our technology bypasses damaged areas of the nervous system so the brain can communicate directly with the muscles. Battelle partnered with neuroscientists at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center for a clinical trial of NeuroLife where a tiny electrode array was implanted into the motor cortex of a spinal cord injury patient’s brain.

Neural Tourniquet™ 

Battelle and Feinstein Institute partnered to create a technology that will help staunch blood loss through electronic nerve stimulation. The Neural Tourniquet has anticipated applications in planned surgeries, emergency medicine and on the battlefield, and is slated to enter the market in the next three to five years.