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Battelle’s NeuroLife® wearable sleeve showcases our unique background in developing life-enhancing products. For the first time ever, this technology allows us to measure the nerves and muscles of the forearm with high resolution and in real-time. The result is targeted stimulation interventions that recreate complex, dexterous hand movements.
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One Technology, Unlimited Potential

NeuroLife® is a product rooted in extensive research and scientific development. As seen in our groundbreaking work with Ian Burkhart, this revolutionary technology may be the answer to long-standing unmet needs for paralyzed patients. The unique combination of features offered by our greenfield technology also holds the potential to create new markets. In the last decade, our research in neurotechnology has unlocked new ways to analyze, treat, and train muscles. Here are some of the most notable applications of NeuroLife®:

Disclaimer: The technology shown is investigational, not commercially available, and has not been approved or cleared for treatment, cure, or mitigation of any disease by the FDA. Results shown are from studies performed.


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We are dedicated to developing technologies through discovery, translation, clinical development, and eventual deployment. One of our main priorities is reducing the debilitating effects of diseases and dysfunction of the nervous system. This technology allows us to analyze and discreetly track muscle performance improvements and injury risks.

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Our advanced cutting-edge medical device technology for military and combat care may be used to help patients with severe limb trauma, traumatic brain injury, and warfighter performance improvement, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. The sleeve also allows us to deliver hyper-enabled human-machine teaming, which may accelerate warfighter performance and aid in the recovery of the nervous system.

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This technology allows us to quantify muscle performance improvements and identify potential injury risks. 

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The NeuroLife platform allows players to enhance the game experience like never before. In conjunction with AR/VR technologies, NeuroLife may offer a third sensory experience dynamic, allowing players to truly immerse themselves in the game.

World-Class Transformative Solutions

Battelle can turn your idea into a reality. With nearly 4,000 patents and 400+ R&D 100 Awards, we know how to help organizations eliminate disruptive product development hurdles and reach new markets. Battelle provides quick, agile, and reliable services during the commercialization process, with a 100% FDA submission success rate for human centric design work.
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A Pioneer in Neurotechnology Product Development 

We develop novel devices that draw from neuroscience and engineering to help people overcome devastating neurological damage and disorders. Our experts can transform neurotechnology and bioelectronic medicine innovations into market-ready solutions, while minimizing risks and accelerating development timelines. 

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Healing Humankind One Innovation At a Time

We combine medical device research and development with a vast neurotechnology expertise to deliver transformative solutions for medical, governmental, and scientific partners. From accelerating product development timelines to entering new international markets, our team will support you in bettering the wellbeing and performance of a humankind.
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Technology Commercialization and Licensing

With over 90 years of research and development experience, Battelle supports all areas of industry with “out of the box” thinking focused on medical device technologies, healthcare solutions and many other innovations for government and industry.

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