Battelle helps transform your neurotechnology and bioelectronic medicine innovations into market-ready solutions. Our experts help you solve your problems, manage your risks and accelerate your development timelines– from market insights and discovery, through concept to FDA registration.
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A Trailblazer in Neurotechnology Product Development

Battelle works at the intersection of neuroscience and engineering to develop novel devices that help people overcome devastating neurological damage and disorders. Our experts are pioneers in the delivery of enhanced brain function customized for each individual.

The World’s Best Academic Leaders

Our Neurotechnology team has 7 PhDs and 3 Masters with a combined total of 131 publications:

How We Make the Impossible Possible

We decode complex brain signals into accurate information for innovative neurodiagnostics using neural signal processing and data analysis technology.
We employ advanced biomedical and electrical engineering to develop groundbreaking neural bridging technologies for patients with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, stroke victims, and other types of sensory-motor rehabilitation.
Our award-winning rehabilitative technologies accelerate recovery from acquired brain injury (ABI). We design solutions that provide both tactile manipulation of real-world objects, immediate feedback, and error correction using closed-loop techniques.
We help you build better, smarter health devices by combining world-class medical sensor engineering with advanced data analytics. Leveraging advanced machine learning and pattern recognition, we extract small, key signals from a sea of background data.

Battelle NeuroLife® Technology

Battelle’s NeuroLife® wearable sleeve showcases our neural bypass expertise in developing life-enhancing products. For the first time ever, this brain-computer interface (BCI) technology allows us to measure the nerves and muscles of the body in real time with high resolution. The result is targeted stimulation interventions that recreate complex, dexterous movements.
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The technology shown is investigational, not commercially available, and has not been approved or cleared for treatment, cure, or mitigation of any disease by the FDA. Results shown are from studies performed.

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Battelle can turn your idea into a reality. With nearly 4,000 patents and 400+ R&D 100 Awards, we know how to help organizations eliminate disruptive product development hurdles and reach new markets. Battelle provides quick, agile, and reliable services during the commercialization process, with a 100% FDA submission success rate for human centric design work. 

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