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Barricade™ Nondestructive Integrated Circuit Verification Technology

Barricade nondestructive integrated circuit verification technology provides authentication of integrated circuits from both trusted and untrusted sources, and eliminates the risk of counterfeit or clone devices in aerospace and defense systems, critical infrastructure, medical devices and other critical systems.

Weaponized hardware: A matter of national security 

Imagine these dangerous scenarios: a plane falling from the sky midflight, medical equipment failing while inside a patient’s heart, a missile intercept system missing its target and hitting a densely populated area instead. 

While seemingly unrelated, each of these incidents can have the same hazardous source: counterfeit integrated circuits that can threaten the safety, security, quality, reliability and profitability of a product. In addition to national security risks, come a $200 billion semiconductor industry loss*. 

Nondestructive verification 

Barricade technology provides a nondestructive verification of components at a dramatically lower cost than alternatives. There is no requirement for chip design modification or physical alteration. And there is no requirement for insertion of technology into the manufacturing process of a trusted source. 

Eliminate the risk of counterfeit or clone devices in your system.
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Unique solution to a global problem 

Battelle's Barricade technology is unlike existing and emerging technologies. Emerging technologies require each and every device to originate from a trusted source and be tagged, serialized and tracked. 

Existing commercial testing services are costly, and destructive lot sampling testing of the devices in inventory must be done since conventional nondestructive authentication methods do not reliably detect counterfeits. 

Avoid tagging, serializing and tracking all chips 

Barricade technology is applicable to analog and digital devices. The technology uses a method that creates feature vectors for each class of devices from their power consumption waveforms. Developed algorithms process the waveforms into lower dimensionality feature vectors. The feature vectors are input to the Barricade classifier algorithm that performs the electronic component classification and only a few authentic chips are necessary to enroll an entire class of chips into our technology. This eliminates the need to tag, serialize and track all chips and provides the ability to enroll chips from untrusted sources. 

Once a chip is enrolled, all chips in that class can be authenticated regardless of the source in a matter of seconds per part. Battelle is planning to expand this capability to electronic components beyond digital integrated circuits in the near future.


  • Nondestructive
  • Nonintrusive
  • High confidence/reliability
  • Simple-to-use graphical interface
  • Low cost per part (pennies per part)
  • High throughput rate (seconds per part)
  • Easily integrated with automated pick-and-place machines

How it Works

Barricade technology is comprised of signal acquisition hardware and software installed at customer sites. The system collects and transmits a user or component fingerprint to a remote, authenticated server for classification. A user report is returned to the system with the results of the authentication classifier.

graphic showing anti-counterfeit measures with Battelle Barricade

*NASA EEE Parts Bulletin, May 2011, Vol 3, Issue 1