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Quick, Accurate Threat-Detection Scanner for Liquid, Aerosol, and Gels Eases and Secures Air Travel Worldwide

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Each year, more than 640 million passengers board domestic flights in the U.S. alone, according to Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA). Given demanding global travel volumes, security procedures must be extremely accurate to ensure safety but also efficient to avoid costly and frustrating travel delays. Bottles and containers made of varying materials, such as glass, plastic, metal, paper, and ceramic, pose a unique challenge for security check-point personnel tasked with quickly distinguishing between benign and harmful substances.

The Solution

Battelle responded to air travel authority needs by developing one of the most advanced bottle liquid scanners in the world, which can detect and alert security personnel to flammables, acids, and explosive liquids, aerosols, and gels within seconds.

A first-of-its kind technology, Battelle's award-winning LS10 safely, quickly, and accurately detects threat substances, such as flammables, acids, oxidizers, explosive precursors and explosive compounds, within sealed or unopened metal, glass, plastic, paper, and ceramic containers. Unlike other liquid scanners that rely on and are limited by single technology analysis, the LS10 employs Radio Frequency (RF) and ultrasonic technology to non-invasively interrogate liquids and gels in containers. A proprietary data fusion process then combines and analyzes data to alert security personnel of suspicious contents within seconds, while mitigating costly false alarms. 

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The Outcome

The LS10 delivers efficient processing with high-detection capability and low false-alarm rate. Depending on the operator, accurate threat detection in clear, colored, and opaque containers can be achieved as quickly as three seconds. As threats continue to evolve, the LS10 allows for easy software upgrades for long-term viability and cost savings.

The LS10 earned the European Civil Aviation Conference’s Type B Liquid Explosive Detection Systems official endorsement and is a candidate for similar approval in the United States.

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