Health Readiness and Response

It’s more important than ever that nations, health care systems, and industries be prepared for threats to our public health. These institutions rely on the insights and innovation of Battelle to create critical readiness plans for ensuring resiliency against public health emergencies.
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Be Ready with Battelle

Battelle has a long history of success in coordinating emergency responses between hospitals, government officials and first responder agencies. We have developed preparedness programs for the U.S. military, government agencies, healthcare and first response organizations of varying size and location.  

Our Services

Battelle helps our clients identify high priority issues and develop strategic plans for executing programmatic requirements. Depending on client needs, we may offer recommendations for modifying existing plans and training activities.
We leverage sophisticated analytical, computational, and bioinformatics methods to help clients identify meaningful and relevant patterns for making informed decisions. 
Our team understands the risks and threats specific to a region or population and assembles response plans based on those assessments. 
Battelle assists with training, coaching and evaluation, to ensure hospitals are meeting patient and staff needs while adhering to regulatory requirements for threat management or emergency response.
Our analysts use modeling, AI and machine learning to identify and mitigate risks within the supply chain. 

Supporting Military Health

From infectious disease to occupational and environmental exposures, threats to military health are both challenging and complex.  Battelle delivers solutions to help military personnel identify, understand, prepare for and mitigate the most challenging military health threats related to occupational and environmental health, force health protection, and emergency and medical readiness.
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