Precision Public Health

Battelle leverages a talented interdisciplinary team of public health experts, data scientists and molecular geneticists to deliver the right intervention, to the right population, at the right time. Our work facilitates scientific discovery and improves health outcomes while promoting health equity.
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Good Data for Better Health

We apply emerging methods and technologies to performing genomic, toxicological and behavioral analysis. By exploring big data using natural language processing, machine learning and casual inference techniques, Battelle offers strategic insights for evaluating programs and analyzing public health policies.

Our Services

We offer a complete package of toxicology services to help our clients understand the impact of chemicals on human health and safety. 

Battelle is on the cutting edge of public health surveillance tools. Using data modeling, environmental testing and software solutions we can identify and help protect the most at-risk populations before the next public health emergency.  
From laboratory analysis to data analytics and computational solutions, for more than a decade, Battelle has been innovating to apply the rapidly developing field of ‘omics to address previously unsolvable customer challenges, including the transition of ‘omics techniques to fielded and/or non-ideal environments. 
Battelle is charting the potential of the microbiome in human and environmental health applications through our work in integrated material sciences, custom metagenomics workflows and custom bioinformatics, and drawing on our deep microbial expertise in the context of in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo systems 

Battelle maintains a long history of exposure science, from lab-based to environmental, to understand health outcomes and related diagnostic and/or prognostic indicators that might be used for future exposure assessment monitoring. Areas of specific expertise include aerosol delivery and assessment, tissue and organ system pathology and genomic/epigenomic and biological mechanism characterization using mixed laboratory and predictive analytical modeling approaches.  

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Supporting Military Health

From infectious disease to occupational and environmental exposures, threats to military health are both challenging and complex.  Battelle delivers solutions to help military personnel identify, understand, prepare for and mitigate challenging health threats, assure force health protection, and facilitate emergency and medical readiness.
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