Threat Awareness

Battelle is a trusted partner to customers needing decision support information to help the nation prevent, protect, and mitigate CBRNE events using accurate data, vetted models and the best available threat information.
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Deep Insights for Critical Decisions

Battelle is equipped to characterize, assess, model, anticipate and measure the full range of CBRNE threats for clients in intelligence, defense and homeland security. In many cases, we perform these tasks on behalf of our clients in our own, leading-edge facilities. With expertise and resources that are among the most extensive available, Battelle can address virtually any threat-analysis challenge.

Our Services

We provide multi-source data analysis (e.g., open-source intelligence (OSINT)) to assess and characterize current and emerging threats.
Battelle offers capabilities across the entire CBRNE threat pathway. When a property of a hazard is not known, Battelle can perform experiments to obtain that data for better decisions.
Battelle offers a comprehensive suite of risk-based models and rapid-assessment data analysis tools to inform decision making for preparedness investments and response planning.

Specialized Lab Facilities Addressing Our Most Client Most Pressing Needs

We have dedicated facilities for solving some of the most complex and important CBRNE challenges.

Hazardous Materials Research Center (HMRC)

The largest and most comprehensive contractor-owned contractor-operated facility in the U.S. to work with chemical warfare agents. 

Photo: Scientists in protective suits examining equipment at Hazardous Materials Research Center
Photo: Scientists working at the Biomedical Research Center

Biomedical Research Center (BRC)

The largest, private BSL-3 containment laboratory in the U.S. dedicated to high hazard RDT&E, biopreparedness and medical countermeasures for chemical and biological agents.

High Energy Research Laboratory (HERLA)

Lethality and survivability system assessment, engineering, modeling, metrology and testing services for ammunition and explosives, non-lethal weapons, foreign material exploitation and armor development. 

Photo: Image of an experiment being conducted at our HERLA facility

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