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CBRNE Expertise and Tools for Operational Success

Battelle is equipped to detect and identify chemical and biological warfare materials. This work is essential in protecting warfighters, citizens and our nation.
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Detect. Identify. Decontaminate.

Battelle provides proven solutions to improve CBRNE defense preparedness while maximizing value and performance. Our experts and existing portfolio of products and services deliver detection, identification, anomaly detection, protection and decontamination equipment for operational success. 


Our Products

Battelle REBS

Battelle REBS is a major advance in biological warfare-agent collection and identification. It enhances the safety of warfighters and civilians alike.
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Multi-Threat Decontamination System (MTDS)

Battelle’s MTDS incorporates multiple proven methods into a system with selectable operating modes to mitigate the widest variety of chemical/biological threats in a design optimized for deployment and reliability

Expedient Vapor Capture for Chemical Agents (EVCCA)

Battelle stands alone in having successfully addressed in-the-field analysis of air samples through our Vapor Capture for Chemical Agents (VCCA) collection and retention system.
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Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS)

The Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS) was fielded to protect warfighters and civilians by reliably detecting, collecting, identifying and warning of biological warfare agents.

Battelle Air Alert

Keep personnel safe from airborne chemicals in the field, on the base or wherever they may be deployed with Air Alert.

Common Analytic Laboratory System (CALS)

CALS are mobile laboratories that provide on-site analytical capabilities to help respond to chemical and biological threats.

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