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Battelle has the world-class expertise and unique, versatile laboratory facilities to provide a complete platform for conducting all facets of energetic and hazardous research in a thorough, safe and efficient manner.
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Full Spectrum Service at a Single Site

Battelle is a comprehensive source for lifecycle research and development for energetic formulations, munition and weapon testing, sustainment and demilitarization. We help organizations design, synthesize, formulate, prototype and test at a single site to streamline the process and minimize contractor involvement.


Specialized Facilities


Battelle has built a world-class network of research, testing, and development facilities.   

  • Gram Scale Primary and Sensitive Explosives Laboratory  
  • 3 all-weather explosive test chambers (up to 50 lbs TNT NEW)  
  • Small Caliber Test Range (up to 40 mm)  
  • Explosive Melt-Cast and Cast-Cure Loading  
  • Flexible Explosive Press Facilities  
  • Ordnance Load, Assemble, Test (LAT)/First Article Test (FAT) Facilities  

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Photo: test of energetics on hazmat suits at HELA
Photo: explosive on sand

How We Help

  • Customized and special needs energetic materials development
  • Performance characterization of energetic materials and warheads
  • IHC and Qualification testing of new energetic materials 
  • Formulation and characterization of new explosive materials, from gram-scale to arena tests 
  • Rapid prototyping of solutions to meet emerging needs
  • Chemical process development for energetic materials (including synthesis, coatings, and formulation)  
  • Turn material science into polymers for binders, plasticizers and coatings 
  • Advanced measurement tools, including photon Doppler velocimetry (PDV), high-speed video, thin-film pressure gauges, UV/VIS, IR and Raman spectroscopy, DSC/TGA and electron microscopy 

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