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Put Your Product to the Test

Ensure your new products don't become vulnerable to atmospheric issues over time.

Florida Materials Research Facility

When you need to understand how your products, coatings, materials or equipment will hold up under real-world conditions, put them to the test at Battelle’s Florida Materials Research Facility. We can help you protect your bottom line and make better warranty and development decisions with accurate information about product performance under environmental conditions.


The only way to make a product that will stand the test of time is to test it with time … and heat, humidity, wind and so on. But no company is going to make a new product and then wait 25 years to see how it holds up before selling it.


Put your products to the test at Battelle’s Florida Materials Research Facility. Our outdoor subtropical exposure facility is the only commercial ocean-front facility for subtropical exposure studies in the U.S., and is rated among the most corrosive environments in the country. We can accommodate a wide range of samples, including paints and coatings, aerospace and marine coatings, outdoor appliances, electrical and mechanical controls, HVAC products, pad-mounted equipment and vehicles.

We perform atmospheric exposure studies, marine submergence and fouling studies and customized research programs tailored to your needs.

Put your product performance to the test.
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Our services include:

Atmospheric Exposure
Understand how your product performs under in-use or worst-case exposure conditions. We have a wide array of exposure racks and fences conforming to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Samples may be exposed at any angle, at either fixed or variable positions.

Marine Submergence and Fouling Studies
See how your product interacts with a wide spectrum of fouling organisms, including barnacles, mollusks, calcareous tube worms, bryozoa, hydroids and algae. Battelle conducts marine submergence and fouling studies in both semidiurnal tidal waters of the Ponce de Leon Inlet and in a sophisticated filtered sea water system adjacent to the natural waters of the inlet.

Customized Research Programs
Customize a research program to meet your exact needs, or conduct your own study using our state-of-the-art facilities. Our experienced staff can help you select the test conditions most suitable for your product.



We can help you understand and mitigate your product’s corrosion risks, make better warranty and development decisions, and protect your bottom line against unexpected equipment failures.