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Don't Settle for Data. Demand Answers. See what Battelle's world-class expertise and equipment for mass spectrometry can solve for you.

Mass Spectrometry & Advanced Analytical Methods

At Battelle, you’ll find world-class expertise and equipment for mass spectrometry—and a whole lot more. Our research teams do more than run standard analytical tests. We apply deep subject matter expertise in analytical chemistry and related disciplines to solve problems. 


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We apply advanced mass spectrometry methods to solve critical problems for: 

  • Environmental assessment and monitoring
  • Chemical forensics and sample attribution 
  • Hydrocarbon forensics 
  • Consumer product formulation and failure analysis
  • Agrochemical formulation and registration
  • Toxicology and exposure studies
  • Tobacco and nicotine product characterization
  • Food and beverage analysis and ingredient verification
  • Chemical and biological and explosive weapons defense
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Battelle brings together highly experienced and credentialed staff – including Ph.D.-level analytical chemists, organic chemists and biochemists—to design mass spectrometry studies tailored to your specific questions and applications. We can also reach back across Battelle for subject matter expertise on a broad range of scientific and technical topics.

Battelle delivers: 

  • State-of-the-art equipment, methods and quality systems for accurate, defensible data
  • Expert consulting for study design and data interpretation
  • New method development and validation to address non-standard challenges
  • Rapid response for time-critical challenges


researcher working in a mass spectrometry labAdvanced Analytical Services
Battelle applies advanced mass spectrometry methods to deliver precise, accurate answers to critical questions. We have the facilities, experience, and regulatory permits to work with even the most challenging analytes and matrices. Our experience spans a wide spectrum of industrial chemicals, environmental contaminants, food ingredients and other substances, including hydrocarbons, PFAS, persistent organic pollutants, food additives and ingredients, polymers, metabolites, chemical and biological agents, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Some of the matrices we’ve worked with include soils, sediments, water and other liquids, oils, biological tissues, excretions, foods and beverages, air and textiles. Our researchers can work within any needed quality system, including Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and ISO 9001.

Battelle’s specialties include:
  • Ultra-low detection of trace-level constituents or contaminants 
  • Analysis of complex mixtures and matrices
  • Chemical fingerprinting for source attribution
  • Analysis of highly toxic/dangerous substances such as chemical and biological weapons, illicit drugs and explosives
researcher working in a mass spectrometry labStudy Design & Method Development
Every study at Battelle starts with a thorough understanding of the questions you need to answer and the data required to answer them. Rather than simply running standard analyses, we help you determine the most efficient approach to getting the data you really need. Our experienced team of study directors and investigators will work with you to design a study around your requirements, including sampling methods, analytical techniques and data interpretation. If appropriate sampling or analytical methods do not exist, we can help you develop and validate new methods to get the answers you need. 

researcher working in a mass spectrometry labStandard Analytical Reference Material Synthesis

Battelle offers a team of organic chemists with advanced degrees and experience in designing and executing custom syntheses, including stable-isotope labeled materials. Battelle organic chemists are skilled in the synthesis and characterization of highly bioactive compounds (including toxins and toxic chemicals). Areas of expertise include natural products, heterocyclic chemicals, alkaloid chemicals, aromatic chemicals, polymeric macro-molecules (including dendrimers and hyper-branched polymers), pesticides, organophosphorus compounds and pharmaceuticals, including fentanyl and related compounds. Battelle routinely synthesizes materials with purity of 95 percent or greater in both small (milligrams) and large (100 gram) quantities.


When you come to Battelle, you get more than standard analysis. We have the expertise to deliver highly accurate results and help you understand what your data is telling you. Our holistic approach to analytical challenges allows us to identify the root cause and solve your problems efficiently and effectively.