Advances in Assessing and Monitoring Natural Attenuation

E7. Advances in Tools and Techniques for Assessing MNA

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Use of a 14C Assay to Determine Rates of TCE Co-oxidation in GroundwaterJ.C. Mills, D.L. Freedman, J.T. Wilson, and T.H. WiedemeierPlatformView
Comparison of Enzyme Activity Probe Response with TCE Degradation Rates at Five Contaminated Sites in the U.S.B.D. Lee, J. Morad, S. Brooks, J. Powell, M.H. Lee, T.H. Wiedemeier, J. Wilson, B. Wilson, D. Freedman, and J. MillsPlatformView
TCE Co-Oxidation Rates and Quantification of Oxygenase Gene Abundances and ExpressionD. Taggart, B.R. Baldwin, J.T. Wilson, T.H. Wiedemeier, and D. FreedmanPlatformView
Innovative Approach to Determine the Rate of Abiotic Degradation of TCE in a Large Diffuse PlumeJ. Mills, D.L. Freedman, T.H. Wiedemeier, D. Cutt, L. Thantu, B. Looney, B. Wilson, and J.T. WilsonPlatformViewView
Efficacy of an In-Well Sonde to Determine Magnetic Susceptibility of Aquifer Sediment as a Predictor of Abiotic Degradation of TCET.H. Wiedemeier, B.H. Wilson, J.T. Wilson, and M.L. FerreyPlatformViewView
Use of Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography (GCXGC) to Supplement the Evaluation of Natural Attenuation at Petroleum Release SitesC. Espino Devine, R. Magaw, R. Mohler, K. O'Reilly, S. Ahn, A. Tiwary and D. ZemoPlatformView
Scrubbing Bubbles: The Importance of Sample Collection Method for Measuring Methane in GroundwaterT.E. McHugh, L. Molofsky, J.A. Connor, S.D. Richardson, A. Gorody, and F. BaldassarePlatformView
A Multi-Year Evaluation of Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated Ethenes and Methanes Using CSIAA.M. Wilson and E. SchwartzPlatformView
Remediation Test Panel: Collecting and Interpreting Contaminant, Geochemical Isotopic and Molecular Biology DataP.W. McLoughlin and A.D. PeacockPlatformView
Identification of Natural Attenuation Mechanisms of Hexavalent Chromium in Groundwater through Geochemical and Matrix Diffusion EvaluationsM.R. Lamar, J.T. Lyons, K. Baker, I. Bowen, R.L. Olsen, N.T. Smith, T. Burgesser, and K. WhitingPlatformView
Demonstration of Monitored Natural Attenuation Using Molecular Biological Techniques: A Case StudyA.O. ThomasPosterView

Statistical Tools for Developing Monitored Natural Attenuation Evidence: Beyond Time-Series PlotsS. Gupta, A.K. Kammari, and J.G. SavaresePosterView

Using the Remediation Test Panel to Determine Contaminant Fate and Support MNAA. Haydt, P. McGuire, P.W. McLoughlin, and A.D. PeacockPosterView

Novel Monitoring Data Presentation Method Provides a Simplified View of the Approach to Compliance LevelsA.H. Bass, L. Porterfield, J.D. Schell, and B.F. DroyPosterView

Laboratory Bench-Scale Testing in Support of Monitored Natural AttenuationJ. Roberts, P. Dollar, S. Dworatzek, P. Dennis, and A. PrzepioraPosterView