Bioremediation Implementation Practices

A1. Amendment Delivery Strategies

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Technologies, Methodologies, Best Practices for Distribution of Liquid and Solid Amendments for Chlorinated Solvent RemediationE. Cooper and S. ChenPlatformViewView
Strategies for Applying Reagents into Low Permeability and Fractured Media: Lessons Learned, Specific Challenges, and Best PracticesJ. Molin, B. Smith, and F. LakhwalaPlatformViewView
Lessons Learned from the Optimization of In Situ Bioremediation through Injection of Carbon SubstrateE. Tyler, J. Galemore, E. Nuttall, and L. DaltonPlatformViewView
Overcoming a Vexing Problem of Remediation at Sites with Complex Geology: Field Demonstrations of EK-Enhanced In Situ RemediationJ. Wang, E. Cox, D. Reynolds, D. Gent, M. Singletary, and A. WilsonPlatformViewView
Field Trials of Subsurface Chaotic Advection for Enhanced Reagent DeliveryM.S. Cho and N.R. ThomsonPlatformView 
A Rigorous Demonstration of Permeability Enhancement Technology for In Situ Remediation at Three Low Permeability SitesK.S. Sorenson, D.D. Nguyen, N.T. Smith, M.R. Lamar, H. Anderson, G. Guest, and R. KelleyPlatformViewView
Soil BlendingJ. Rossabi, J.S. Haselow, E. Escochea, S.J. Markesic, and J. RomanoPlatform View View
Highly Successful ERD Pilot via Simple Additive Delivery System Lead to Full-Scale Biostimulation Strategy for Destruction of Residual cVOCsK.C. Armstrong and G. BellPosterView 
Comparing Shear-Thinning Fluid with Traditional Injection Techniques for Treatment into Low-Permeability Source PCE and TCEM.R. Lamar, T.W. Macbeth, D. Nguyen, and J. BeattiePosterView 
Mobility-Control Methods to Improve the Delivery and Distribution of Bioremediation Amendments in Heterogeneous AquifersJ.A.K SilvaPosterView 
Biological Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium Using a Novel Substrate Injection Approach in Northern ItalyT.J. Simpkin, G. Ng, I. Bona, S. Frisario, F. Mazza, A. Tognoni, P. Goria, and M. CarboniPosterView