Bioremediation Implementation Practices

A3. Case Studies

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Remedial Approaches for In Situ Anaerobic BioremediationG. Chen, F. Tsang, M. Zeolla, P.R. Rosewicz, and J.T. LyonsPlatformView 
Biotic, Abiotic, and Adsorption Source Area Treatment Pilot Tests of Dissolved Chlorinated EthenesA. Cuellar and L. SweetPlatformViewView
Bioremediation Integrated Approach for Chlorinated Compounds in a Complex Brazil FacilityG.D.C. Mello, M. Mejac, and A. GattiPlatformViewView
The Use of Biostimulation to Safely Treat a Chlorinated VOC Plume in a Residential CommunityP. Nangeroni, R. McGrath, L.J. Campe, and A. RochePlatformViewView
Fortuitous Volatilization and Steam-Enhanced Biodegradation of VOC-TPH NAPL Mixture, Naval Air Station North IslandV. Hosangadi, M. Pound, and N. DurantPlatformViewView
Bioremediation of Phenol Plume in GroundwaterR. Spina, R. Coelho, and V. Vanin SewaybrickerPlatformViewView
Highly Successful ERD Pilot Evaluation Utilizing Simple Additive Delivery Approach to Compare Additive Efficacy under Actual Site Biogeochemical ConditionsK.C. ArmstrongPosterView  
Comparing Parallel ERD and Oxidation Pilot Tests in a Low Permeability AreaB. Dahlgren and J. ZhouPosterViewView
Enhanced Denitrification for Treatment of Nitrate Plumes Associated with FertilizersC. Bucior, S. Dore, D. Pope, R. Thomas, and A. WestonPosterView 
Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination at General Services Administration Reclamation Yard, Kennedy Space Center, FloridaA. Chrest, D. Johansen, H. Faircloth, C. Adkison, and D.J. StricklandPosterViewView
Enhanced Bioremediation of a DNAPL Source Area Using Lactate and EthanolD.J. MillerPosterView View
Application of Multiple Remedial Techniques and Approaches (In Situ/Ex Situ) at the Ewan Property Superfund SiteD.J. Russell, C.P. Wong, and P. JannettPosterViewView