Green and Sustainable Remediation (GSR)

F7. Incorporating GSR into Remedy

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Lowering the Carbon Footprint of Thermal Remediation SystemsJ. Baldock, J. Brett, S. Tillotson, and J. DablowPlatformView
Green and Sustainable Remediation Analysis: Coal Ash Surface Impoundment ClosureA. Boroumand and K. HermanPlatformView
Combining Green and Sustainable Remediation Evaluations with Cost/Risk Analysis as Effective Communication Tools to Drive Cleanup DecisionsI. Lo, M. Harclerode, and J. WondolleckPlatformView
Using Systems' Thinking and Waste Materials to Improve the Sustainability Footprint of a Cleanup: The Drive for a Zero Footprint Cleanup TechnologyP. Favara and J. GamlinPlatformViewView
Remedial Alternatives Screening by Incorporating Sustainability Metrics and Using Weighting Triangle Decision Support SystemH. SinghPlatformViewView
Use of Sustainable Remediation to Achieve Source Area PolishingM.T. JordanPosterViewView
Application of LCA to Compare Sustainability of Novel Evaporative Desorption Technology for Soil Remediation to Conventional Dig and HaulJ. Muzzio, J. Sinistore, and G. BurksPosterViewView
An Adaptive, Green and Sustainable Outlook on Bioventing-Based RemediationD.S. Randhawa, C. Flanders, K. Jay, and J. BurdickPosterView