Addressing Challenging Site Conditions

E9. Landfill Redevelopment and Management

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Innovative Design Approach for Mitigating Landfill Gas: A Landfill Post-Closure Mixed-Use Development Case StudyO. Uppal, M. Ambrusch, N. Najib, A. Falabella, J. Ludlow, C. Glenn, S. Abrams, I. Khan, G. Corcoran, and M. FredlundPlatformViewView
Application of HPT/EC Tools for Assessment of the Distribution of Permeability in Excavation and Drawdown Target AreaV.V. Sewaybricker and R. SpinaPlatformViewView
Remediation Using In Situ Solidification/Stabilization in Brazil of a Contaminated Source at an Industrial Landfill with Various ReagentsI. Peter, T. Moran, and M. CrimiPlatformView 
Modifying an Existing Sub-Slab Methane Mitigation System at a Redeveloped Landfill Site after Years of SettlementJ. Schaettle, C. Glenn, and J.F. LudlowPlatformViewView
Dewatering a CCP Landfill with a Horizontal WellM. Lubrecht and R. BaetenPosterView 
Hybrid Landfill Gas Mitigation System ImplementationO. Uppal, N. Najib, S. Abrams, H. Nichols, I. Khan, V. Yarina, and R. SimonPosterView