Characterization, Fate, and Transport

H6. Risk Assessment and Bioavailability Considerations

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Evaluation of Bioavailability of Contaminants in Soil: State-of-the-Art Guidance from ITRCC. Sorrentino, K. Durant, and L. Hay WilsonPlatformViewView
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Using a Risk-Based Approach to Guide Remedial Goals: Oral Relative Bioavailability of PAHs at Formerly Used Defense SitesN.D. Forsberg, B.H. Magee, A.K. Meyer, G.C. Hoeger, and C.M. DuartePlatformViewView
Oral Bioavailability of Nonpolar Organic Chemicals in Soil for Use in Human Health Risk AssessmentS. Yu, R. Schoof, and D. HarrekildePlatformViewView
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