G8. Precipitation and Stabilization of Metals

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Sustainable In Situ Remediation Approach for Arsenic-Impacted Groundwater at a Superfund Site in New JerseyT. North, L. Sehayek, R. Wilkin, H. Young, and D. CuttPlatformViewView
Precipitating Success: A Solution to Heavy Metals in GroundwaterJ. McDonough, R. Royer, G. Sitomer, and R. MurphyPlatformViewView
Managing Leachable Arsenic for Sustainable On-Site Soil RetentionV. De Chellis, A. Yee, and R. StewartPlatformViewView
First Ever Heavy Metal Stabilization Project in KoreaH. Shan, J. Lee, J. Lee, S. Kim, H. Kim, J. Seo, W. Joo, and W. KangPlatformViewView
Removal of Selenium from Refinery Wastewater Using Sulfur-Modified Iron (SMI)C.G. Schreier and P.F. SantinaPlatformViewView
Selenium Attenuation via Naturally-Induced Reductive Precipitation in the Southeast Idaho Phosphate PatchM.B. Hay, G. Leone, D. Silverman, and B. WilkingPosterView
Understanding Geochemical Effects on Mercury Speciation, Stability, and Potential Remedial StrategiesM. Sapanara, K. Kinsella, M. Mobile, and A. RicciardellilPosterView