Petroleum and Heavy Hydrocarbon Site Strategies

F2. In Situ Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

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Field Applications of Bioelectrochemical Technology for Treating Petroleum Hydrocarbon ContaminantsS. Jin, P.H. Fallgren, and Z.J. RenPlatformView 
Enhanced In Situ Bioremediation at a Former Refinery Site due to Recycling of Aerosol Sulfate in the Groundwater Fluctuation ZoneR.E. Sweeney and G.T. RiriePlatformViewView
Remediation of Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Sites Using High Frequency Investigation/Sampling as Design Tool: Scandinavian ApproachG.G. CerianiPlatformViewView
Shoreline Remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Using an Oleophilic Biobarrier for Sheen Control on the Portland Harbor Superfund SiteS. Martin, T. Sale, K. Sheets, and J. GentryPlatformViewView
An Innovative Air Sparging Approach for Treatment of BTEX and VOCsM. Ambrusch, S. Ciambruschini, O. Uppal, N. Najib, A. Quinn, S. Abrams, T. Russo, and R. GauppPlatformViewView
A Bioventing System Destroys Multimillions of Pounds of Petroleum Hydrocarbons: An Inquiry into the Mass Removal MechanismsV. Gamez Grijalva, T. Palaia, B. Frank, and R. HincheePlatformViewView
Heuristic Numerical Modeling Study of LNAPL Depletion under Natural ConditionsP. Jourabchi, I. Hers, A. Kirkman, U. Mayer, and J. WilsonPlatformViewView
Thermal Modeling of Natural Source Zone Depletion and Temperature-Enhanced BiodegradationI. Hers, P. Jourabchi, and H. HopkinsPlatformView 
Soil Excavation and Bioremediation Using ORC and Organic Fertilizer at a Tidally-Influenced SiteH. Benfield, C. Ferrell, R. Brenner, and S. SadrpourPosterView 
Case Study: Low-Cost In Situ Remediation on Oil-Contaminated SoilS. Svanstrom, J. Bergman, and S. HallerPosterView 
Application of Poly Remediation Technologies for Petroleum-Contaminated SitesC.-K. Yen, C.-C. Kao, and C.-H. ChengPosterView 
Benzene Degradation under Anaerobic Conditions: Using Treatability Studies and Molecular Tools to Provide InsightsS. Dworatzek, J. Webb, K. Bradshaw, F. Luo, N. Bawa, S. Guo, and E. EdwardsPosterView 
Monitoring of Air Injection Remediation Systems Using Carbon Dioxide Efflux MeasurementsJ. Fitzgibbons, D. Downey, R. Hinchee, and J. Zimbron PosterView 
Passive Hydrocarbon Remediation in a Foreshore Marine EnvironmentR. Kannappan, C. Boys, R. Horwath, M. Gill, C. Ott, and J. MalickPosterView 
Permeable Reactive Pavement for Controlling the Transport of Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylene (BTEX) ContaminantsS. Huang and C. LiangPosterView 
Microbial Recovery after Eutrophic Conditions during Biostimulation at Hydrocarbon-Impacted SitesL.M. Moehlman, S.D. Siciliano, K. Bradshaw, and T.J. CarlsonPosterView 
Reclamation of a TPH-Impacted Site via LNAPL Recovery and ISCO Treatment: Case Field, ItalyC. Sandrone, A. Campi, F. Accorsi, and J. MuellerPosterView 
Vacuum Driven In-Well Stripping and Recirculation: Comparative Evaluation of Two Pilot StudiesM. Pehlivan and R. LortonPosterViewView
Biosparging Success in Confined Aquifers Using Chimneys as Subsurface Bioreactors at a BTEX Site in Gillette, WyomingI. Sutton, J. Hartley, and G. NgPosterView