Remediation Technology Development

C5. Advances in Amendments


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State of the Practice: Advances in Amendments for Remediation: Where Are We Making Progress? D.T. AdamsonPlatformViewView
New Antimethanogenic Reagents (AMRs)J. Mueller, G. Booth, J. Haselow, B. Rehm, A. Hassel, and K. FinneranPlatformViewView
Full-Scale ERD and Bioaugmentation in Deep Groundwater Using New Reducing Agent to Create Anaerobic WaterJ. Su, E. James, J.F. Daugherty, and K.A. GruebelPlatformViewView
Evaluation of Potassium Persulfate as a Permeable Reactive Barrier at Three Different SitesB.A. Smith, L. Kammer, J. Soukup, C. Letts, P. Lyon, T. Pac, and V. SadeghiPlatformViewView
Activated Carbon Applications to Address PCBs in Sediment: Examples and Results from Selected ESTCP Projects J. Collins, J. Hull, and J. JersakPosterView 
Development of Novel Nanomaterials for Water Remediation Y.S. Chang, Y.G. Kang, C.S. Lee, D.S. Oh, H.W. Yoon, M. Rayaroth, E. Escobedo, and Y.Y. Chang PosterView 
Evaluation of Locally-Available Substrates for Degradation of Complex Chlorinated Solvents in South America C.S. Mowder, D.R.V. Berggren, E. Liu, M. Brito, and C. Walecka-HutchisonPosterView 
Using Amendments to Control Geotechnical Characteristics following Soil Mixing with ISCO B.A. Smith, I. Horner, and B. DesjardinsPosterView 
Implementing an In Situ Reactive Zone to Mitigate Off-Site Migration: From Field Test to Full-ScaleM. Verbeeck, P. Valle, E. van de Ven, and B. VerhoevenPosterView