Vapor Intrusion

G4. Advances in Vapor Intrusion Investigations

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Tree Sampling as a Screening Tool for Vapor Intrusion Potential to Protect Human HealthJ.L. Wilson, M.A. Limmer, V.A. Samaranayake, J.G. Schumacher, and J.G. BurkenPlatformViewView
A Field Study to Validate a Newly Developed Flow Controller Used to Monitor Vapor IntrusionB.D. Stone, A. Rossner, M. Crimi, M. Carroll, and J. MiceliPlatformViewView
Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis Used to Identify the Origin of VOCs in the Indoor Environment: Internal Sources versus Subsurface ContaminationM. Wahid, I. Damgaard, I.H. Kerrn-Jespersen, N. Tuxen, T.H. Larsen, and T.S. JepsenPlatformViewView
Effects of Remediation and Background Indoor Air Sources on Indoor Air in a Commercial FacilityN.M. Weinberg, E. Hoffman, and J. CampbellPlatformViewView
Continuous Indoor Air Sampling to Understand Variable Concentrations of Trichloroethene in a Complex Industrial FacilityP. Fahey, C.F. Silver, and B. HartmanPlatformViewView
Optimizing Vapor Intrusion Response Actions in a Large Active Military Manufacturing BuildingT.N. Creamer, K.J. Campbell, and D. CaldwellPlatformViewView
Multiple Lines of Evidence, Including CSIA, to Differentiate an Indoor Source from Vapor IntrusionS. Dergham, C. Serlin, D. Rowe, and B. HartmanPosterView 
Using Field Observations to Determine Equilibration Times and Purge Volume Removal for Soil Vapor SamplingA.K. Haar and S.E. JonesPosterView 
Measuring Trace Level VOCs in High Concentration Soil Gas Matrices: A New Tool to Meet Risk-Based Screening LevelsH.C. Hayes and D. BentonPosterView 
Automated Continuous Real-Time Vapor Intrusion Monitoring and Response: Preventing Acute ExposuresM. Kram, B. Hartman, and C. FrescuraPosterView 
Approaches to Consider the Influence of Building Infiltration and Ventilation on Vapor Intrusion Exposure RisksEE. Shirazi and K.G. PennellPosterView 
Evaluation of Soil Vapor Extraction Data to Characterize Mass Flux to the Vapor Intrusion BoundaryL. Stewart, R.S. Truesdale, C. Lutes, B. Schumacher, and J. ZimmermanPosterView 
Vapor Intrusion Snapshot of UpdatesT.R. Walker and D. CaldwellPosterViewView