Remediation and Restoration Alternatives

B1. Cap Design and Modeling

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Use of Dredged Material for Contaminated Sediment Source ControlD.W. Moore, D. Acevedo, D. Perkey, D. Farrar, J. Biedenbach, S. Larson, P. Schroeder, J. Gailani and G. RosenViewView
Subaqueous Sediment Capping from Field Investigation to Design with a Focus on Chemical IsolationC. Kiehl-Simpson and J. BeaverViewView
Modeling and Uncertainty Analysis for Remedy Selection and Design to Address Groundwater Discharging to Surface WaterK. Lindstrom, T. Boom, K. Marini, J. Mohr and D. DahlstromViewView
Multi-Objective Cap Design for Ecological and Armor Layers at the Gowanus Canal Superfund SiteM. Schillinger, D. Nicholas, J. Beech, S. Sood and D. HimmelheberViewView
Sediment Cap Design, Modeling, and ConstructionD. Kolstad, M. Ellis, T. Boom, J. Collins and M. WelchViewView
Innovative Sand and Sand Cap Stabilization Methods Using Protein Polysaccharide Biopolymers (PPBs)A. Dahmani, F. Dahan, M. Begag and J. MulqueenView
Modelling for Erosion Protection in Capping DesignM. Moseid, E. Eek and F. LovholtView
Evaluation of Activated Carbon as a Reactive Sediment Cap Amendment for Feasibility Level StudiesD. Flannery, B. Barron, D. Reible, T. Hussain, J. Collins and J. HullViewView
Conceptual Design for a Wetland Treatment and Habitat Improvement Cap at the Solvay Site Car Ferry SlipS. Garbaciak, M. Dickey, T. Wagner, M. Nimmer and B. PaulsonView View
Groundwater Model Development and Subaqueous Cap Design for PCB-Contaminated Sediments at the New Bedford Harbor Superfund SiteC. Lu, M.W. Morris, E. Anderson and D. GroherView View
Evaluation of an Organophilic Clay for Sorption of Dissolved Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon CompoundsT. Hussain, D. Reible and J. OlstaView View