Track B: Characterization and Remediation of PFAS
B6. Comparing Ex Situ Destructive Technologies




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PFAS-Laden Spent Media Destruction Using Supercritical Water Oxidation Technology
D.S.-Y. Chiang, J. Gal, D. Hatler, and M. Deshusses
Nanofiltration followed by Electrical Discharge Plasma for Destruction of PFAS and Co-Occurring Chemicals in Groundwater: A Treatment Train Approach
S. Richardson, P. Kulkarni, W. Bailey, S. Mededovic, T. Holsen, C. Nau-Hix, W. Knudson, C. Bellona, and C. Schaefer
Mechanochemical Destruction as a Scalable Treatment Technology for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances
K. Gobindlal, M. Glucina, and J. Sperry
On-Site Demonstration of Thermal Desorption Coupled with Thermal Oxidation Technology to Treat Solid PFAS-Impacted Soil Investigation Derived Waste
P. Challa Sasi, F. Barranco, I. Harvey, C. Palmer, and G. Hay
An Innovative Plasma Technology for Treatment of PFAS-Impacted Water at Two Fire Training Areas
S. Richardson, P. Kulkarni, W. Bailey, S. Mededovic, T. Holsen, C. Nau-Hix, W. Knudson, H. Luckarift, and B. Ashley
Thermal Destruction of PFAS during Full-Scale Reactivation of PFAS-Laden Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
D. Farmer, R. Distefano, T. Knowlton, A. Harris, and M. O'Brien
Effective Comparison of the Parameters for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Destructive Technologies
P.K. Juriasingani and R. Arnseth
Treating PFAS-Impacted Bulk Soil: Evaluation of High-Pressure Thermal Treatment Technologies
P.R. Kulkarni, Y. Li, H. Javed, J.S. Cook, C.J. Newell, and R. Iery
Current Insights on Reaction Kinetics and Mechanisms of PFAS Destruction during Hydrothermal Alkaline Treatment (HALT)
B.R. Pinkard, S. Hao, C. Austin, I.V. Novosselov, and T.J. Strathmann