Track D: Advanced Tools for Assessing Bioremediation
D6. High-Resolution Site Characterization




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Quantitative High-Resolution Site Characterization (qHRSC) and Lessons Learned
D.A. Pizarro and W. Brab
EPA and HRSC at Superfund Sites
B. Bentkowski
Costs, Cost Savings, and Best Practices for High Resolution Site Characterization at Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Sites
D. Kaufman, T. Schruben, and A. Wardle
Utilizing Dye-Laser Induced Fluorescence Tooling with Soil Borings to Map Residual Free-Phase DNAPL at Former Solvent Disposal Trenches
J. Briegel, J. Pavlowsky, K. Kehoe, B.L. Porter, and P. Tamashiro
Quantitative High-Resolution Site Characterization to Support Petroleum Remediation in Piedmont Geology
N. Thacker, S. Ghiold, and A. Quarles
Monitoring of Subsurface Contaminant Remediation at the Former Moab Uranium Mill Site by In Situ Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
D. Morozov, C. McLaughlin, K.H. Williams, and D. Walsh
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Using HRSC to Rapidly Assess LNAPL Distribution, Optimize Well Placement and Accelerate Remedial Design
E. Gessert, B. Taylor, and R. St. Germain
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Integrating Diverse High-Resolution Data Sets to Assess Aquitard Integrity in a DNAPL-Contaminated Sedimentary Rock Aquifer System
J.R. Meyer and B.L. Parker
Interpretation of 2-D and 3-D Images of Ultraviolet Optical Image Profiler (OIP-UV), Hydraulic Profiling, and Electrical Conductivity (HPT/EC) Log Data at Complex LNAPL Sites
J.V. Fontana
Using High Resolution Site Characterization and Chemical Fingerprinting and Forensics to Develop Four Dimensional Conceptual Site Models
L.J. Mastera, R.J. Fiacco, and B. Shaver
Remedial Design Characterization Using Electrical Hydrogeology
T. Halihan, K.W. Spears, and S.W. McDonald
High-Resolution Investigation and MIP Visualization to Optimize In Situ Bioremediation of VOCs in Groundwater and Aquifer Sediments
T. Houghton and C.S. Alger
Using Ultraviolet-Induced Fluorescence to Enhance LNAPL Conceptual Site Model for Remedial Design
A. Moore