Payments shall be made not more frequently than monthly after presentation of invoices. 

Submit invoices via email to
 [email protected]
Or mail to: 
Battelle Memorial Institute
505 King Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43201-2696
Attention: Accounts Payable 

Note: Email will permit faster processing of invoices. Do not mail invoices if sent via email. 

Invoices shall contain the following:

  • Invoice number
  • Subcontract
  • (Purchase Order) number
  • Purchase Order line number(s)
  • The time period for which services were performed or materials where shipped
  • Breakdown of labor provided during the invoice period if labor categories and labor hours must be provided under the Subcontract (see below)

Note: Payment terms, identified on the face of the purchase order, are from the date of the invoice provided all other required conditions are met.

Invoices shall be accompanied by satisfactory supporting documentation as required by the flow-downs, PO type, and/or the seller’s Procurement Officer. Invoices that do not contain or are not accompanied by this required information will be returned unpaid to the Seller for revision.

The final invoice should be marked “Final Invoice.”

Invoices for Purchase Orders with Labor

The labor breakdown shall include: 

  • The number of hours worked in each labor category
  • The applicable hourly rate
  • Total labor charge for each category 

When labor-hour reporting is required, all invoices submitted by Subcontractor shall include the following signed certification: 
By submission of this invoice Subcontractor certifies that all labor charges identified in this invoice were performed by named individual(s) or personnel that met all requirements, including but not limited to, the education and experience requirements of specified labor classifications applicable to this Subcontract between Subcontractor and Battelle.

Invoices not in compliance with all above terms will be returned unpaid to Subcontractor for revision.


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