Representations & Certifications

Representations & Certifications from subcontractors and suppliers are necessary to help assure that the Battelle’s and their clients’ interests are protected, laws relating to ethical conduct are adhered to, cost or pricing data are properly disclosed and socioeconomic and environmental programs are initiated and maintained by the prime contractors and their subcontractors.

Representations & Certifications are also required to ensure the necessary information is obtained to adequately establish a business relationship, i.e. TIN/EIN, business type and classifications and addresses.

Battelle maintains two standard Representations and Certifications forms. The Government Contracting Form will be used with suppliers and subcontractors who will provide services and supplies to Battelle in support of a government client project.

The Non-Government Contracting Form is generally used for the procurement of services and supplies under non-government client project. The Battelle Procurement Officer will direct the subcontractor/supplier to the appropriate form.

If there are any questions concerning the Representations and Certifications or other forms listed on this page, please contact your Procurement Officer.

Initially requested when soliciting for awards. Required to be updated annually.


Form Supplements (To Government Contracting Form)


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