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Bio-Detection Instrument Suite Limiting the effects of biological agent attacks.

Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS) 

The Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS) was designed to protect warfighters and civilians alike by reliably detecting, collecting, identifying and warning of biological warfare agents (BWAs) – and doing so in a wide range of challenging applications, including mobile deployment on reconnaissance vehicles. 


Battelle spearheaded the development of the JBPDS in the 1990s, responding to the U.S. Army’s call for a reliable and automatic way to detect and identify BWA threats. Today, there are about 700 fielded worldwide on vehicles from Navy ships to the Stryker NBCRV and the M31A2 Biological Integrated Detection System.   

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JBPDS features include: 

  • Demonstrated utility in bare-base or semi-fixed applications, integrated on a service platform or mounted on a trailer or ship 
  • A proven track record of reliability in even the most unforgiving terrain and environments 
  • A ruggedized design that meets all pertinent environmental, vibration and shock requirements 


JBPDS unitThe JBPDS is a versatile system, lending itself to virtually any standalone or networked application.   

JBPDS capabilities include: 

  • Simultaneous collection and identification of up to 10 airborne BWAs 
  • Collection of liquid samples for confirmatory identification and analysis 
  • Interface-ready for the Joint Warning and Reporting Network 
  • Ready to network with up to 25 additional systems 
  • Remote operation via laptop 
  • Global positioning and meteorological reporting for predicting dispersal patterns in the wake of detecting BWAs 

Add to these capabilities exceptional ease of use and it becomes clear why JBPDS remains a trusted tool in the warfighter’s arsenal. It requires only minor assembly at the operating location and plugging into a generator. JBPDS uses just three liquids and the operational strips that perform the actual identification – consumables requiring no refrigeration or special handling.


JBPDS is a robust bio-detection instrument suite that is fully functional in any operational environment the user may encounter. Its rapid point-detection, identification and sampling abilities, combined with its flexible fixed-site and mobile applications, serve to limit the effects of biological agent attacks that have the potential for catastrophic effects on U.S. forces at the operational level of war.