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ThreatSEQ™ DNA Screening Web Service

Quick, accurate detection of DNA sequences of concern in a concise report


Rapid DNA Analysis for Sequences of Concern

Using advanced algorithms and thousands of threat-specific sequence data, the ThreatSEQ web service quickly and accurately detects DNA sequences of concern and provides the information in a concise report. 


Diagram: ThreatSEQ Rapid DNA Analysis


This technology gives the synthetic biology industry a powerful new resource to reduce the risk that dangerous organisms will be created through gene synthesis, accidentally or deliberately. 

Faster, Better Decisions

For the Gene Synthesis Industry

ThreatSEQ DNA screening web service offers gene synthesis companies an alternative to the current semi-manual and subjective DNA screening options, empowering them to make faster, better decisions to protect themselves, their clients and society from potential biosecurity risks while keeping costs manageable.

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Higher Confidence Levels

Greatly reduces error rates and provides objective assessment of threat levels.
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Fewer False Positives

Reduces false positives 70-90 percent compared to current screening methods.
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Reduced Labor Costs

Reduces required investigation time for potential threats.

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Photo: DNA Threat Report being reviewed on Computer Screen

Threat Reporting

ThreatSEQ web service provides an easy-to-understand report that flags each identified sequence of concern and characterizes the potential hazard associated with the sequence. The reports provides the reviewer with actionable information to easily determine the threat level of a sequence and understand the rationale behind the threat determination.

Image: ThreatSEQ R&D 2018 Award Logo

R&D100 Award Winner

Building on more than a decade of biodefense expertise and genomic data collection and analysis, ThreatSEQ was named a recipient of a 2018 R&D 100 Award—further enhancing Battelle’s position at the forefront of innovation for biosecurity.


Logo: Twist Bioscience

Battelle & Twist Bioscience

Twist Bioscience has announced that it is the first to implement Battelle’s ThreatSEQ DNA screening web service for the detection and characterization of sequences of concern in genomic data, supplementing its internal biosecurity efforts.



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