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UltraSEQ™ Advanced DNA Sequencing Threat Analysis

UltraSEQ provides nucleic acid synthesis providers and genomic researchers rapid, scalable, and science-backed results for biological threat identification.
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Rapid, Accurate Decisions for the Nucleic Acid Synthesis Industry and Beyond

When you need simple, high-confidence, actionable information from genomic data, UltraSEQ provides a secure, AWS Gov-Cloud-based system for the identification and characterization of biological threats based on highly curated data and logical, data-driven threat function and organism identification algorithms.


UltraSEQ Application: Produce Nucleic Acid Sequences Safely and Responsibly

UltraSEQ identifies and characterizes nucleic acid sequences of concern, including controlled sequences, quickly and accurately to protect against biosecurity risks.

How It Works

The UltraSEQ Threat Identification Algorithm rapidly scans a requested DNA sequence through the proprietary Sequence of Concern Database. In addition to identifying positive matches, the UltraSEQ algorithm provides information about the types of threats that a gene sequence may present by providing a report that flags and ranks each identified sequence of concern based on controlled status and threat status. UltraSEQ provides both per sequence analysis (e.g., nucleic acid screening) as well as per dataset analysis (e.g., metagenomics). Nucleic acid screening results help companies ensure compliance with HHS’s Screening Framework Guidance, the International Gene Synthesis Consortium’s Harmonized Screening Protocol, Export Control Regulations, and the Federal Select Agent Program.

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Threat Identification Algorithm

The Threat Identification Algorithm rapidly triages information, automating the screening process in minutes.

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Sequence of Concern Database

The robust database is made up of more than 10,000 sequences of concern comprising 100% of bacterial human/zoonotic agents and > 70% of human/zoonotic agents.


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Actionable Information

Easy-to-read reports quickly assign an accurate risk level and control status to detect DNA sequence threats.

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The UltraSEQ Advantage

Standardization with Enabled User Flexibility

  • Individual, user-focused, and logical sequence triage
  • Confidence tuned to custom level of tolerance
  • Adaptable to sequencing hardware and non-cloud-based application

Explainable, Efficient Results

  • Machine and human-readable, science-backed information
  • Trusted, interpretable answers through verbose API reports and a Graphical User Interface.
  • Novel threat detection, including chimeras and genetically engineered threats

Unrivaled Performance

  • Non-reliance on agent blacklists
  • Trace and course-level taxonomy explorations
  • Rapid sample analysis and sequence triage

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