Remediation Technologies

B1. Thermal Remediation Design & Best Practices

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If You Have all the Thermal Tools, How Do You Pick the Best One for a Site?G. Heron, S. Nielsen, M. Dodson, and R. D'AnjouPlatformViewView
Data for the Design and Costing of an Electrothermal In Situ and Surface Thermal Treatment SystemB.C.W. McGee, D.B. Winder, and E. Tung PlatformViewView
Bench- and Pilot-Scale Studies: Worthwhile Tools in Optimizing Thermal Remediation ApproachesA. Fortune, G. Heron, S.G. Nielsen, D. Phelan, R. Wenzel, R.J. Stuetzle, and J. BuntonPlatformViewView
In Situ Thermal Remediation in Europe: Advances and Lessons Learned at Multiple Sites (2005 to Present)J. Baldock, J. Dablow, and K. JohnsonPlatformViewView
In Situ Thermal Remediation of a DNAPL Source Zone Program: Challenges and Post-Treatment FindingsJ.H. Levesque, C.L. McIlvaine, N. DiMarcello, and W.A. NorrisPlatformViewView
Complex Sites and Recalcitrant Compounds: Combining ISTR TechnologyR.M. D'Anjou, M.E. Dodson, S. Griepke, and G. HeronPlatformViewView
In Situ Hydrolysis and Thermal Treatment of 1,1,1-TCA during Electrical Resistance HeatingA. Taddeo, S. Wright, L. Mitchell, and P. DombrowskiPlatformViewView
Unique Challenges on an ERH Project: AMCO Superfund Site, CaliforniaA. Bowerman, M. Lawson, K. Manheimer, and P. HegelePlatformViewView
ERH Remediation of Shale Bedrock Site at Rutgers University, New JerseyS. Gupta, D. Conley, J. Fager, C. Blundy, and E. CrownoverPlatformView 
Electrical Resistance Heating Remediation in Interstate MedianG. Adams and R. PoulinPosterView 
Fiber Optic Sensors for Distributed Monitoring of Soil and Groundwater during In Situ Thermal RemediationH. Alemohammad, A. Azhari, and R. LiangPosterViewView
Sustainable Low Temperature Thermal Remediation of PesticidesJ. Baldock, J. Dinham, K. Johnson, and J. DablowPosterView 
Effects of Thermal Conduction and Convection on In Situ Temperature Monitoring: A Simulation Study C.F. CampbellPosterView 
Post In Situ Thermal Remediation Response at a Canadian Rail YardJ. Coughlin, P. Kornelsen, and L. ThomasPosterView 
Sustainable Combination Heating: An Innovative Approach for In Situ Thermal Remediation in Challenging LithologyJ. Dablow, M. Dawes, G. Mackey, J. Baldock, and K. SchnellPosterView 
Thin Treatment Depths: A Thorn in Thermal's SideG. Sandberg, R.M. D'Anjou, and M.E. DodsonPosterView 
Site Characterization and Visualization: Reducing Costs by Designing More Efficient ISTR SystemsR.M. D'Anjou, K. Stonestreet, and M.E. DodsonPosterView 
Defining the Target Treatment Area for Thermal RemediationE.L. DavisPosterViewView
Using High-Resolution Site Characterization to Reduce Cost and Improve Outcomes on Thermal Remediation ProjectsJ. Galligan, G. Heron, A. Bonarrigo, S. Pitkin, and M. JordanPosterView 
Successful Treatment of Dioxin Using Thermal Conduction Heating: Results and Lessons Learned from a First of Its Kind ProjectJ. Galligan, G. Heron, R. Michalewich, A. Fortune, T. Burdett, S. Walker, and G. AndersonPosterView 
Targeted Small Source Zone In Situ Thermal Treatment: Lessons Learned from Two Chlorinated VOC Applications D. Croteau, G. Geckeler, and C. Voci PosterView 
Thermal Contouring Methods for In Situ Thermal Remediation ProjectsP.R. Hegele, R.L. Dueck, B.C.W. McGee, and J.C. LaChancePosterView 
Current Models of Vapor Production and Mass Recovery at Thermal Remediation Sites and Their Implications for Appropriate Heating StrategiesJ. LaChance, P. Hegele, and J. MunhollandPosterView 
Finite Element Modeling of Heterogeneous Soils with Non-Linear Properties for the Design of an Electrothermal In Situ Thermal Remediation ProjectB.C.W. McGee, P.R. Hegele, and M.E.J. McGeePosterView 
On-Site Evaporative Desorption Technology Soil Treatment: A "Very" Low Temperature Ex Situ Thermal Remediation AlternativeB. Desmarais and J. MuzzioPosterView 
Thermal Treatment: How Much Energy Does It Take?S.G. Nielsen, G. Heron, R.M. D'Anjou, M. Dodson, J. LaChance, B. McGee, and N. PlougPosterView 
Using Steam to Solve Groundwater Cooling Problems at TCH SitesS.G. Nielsen, G. Heron, and N. PlougPosterView 
Installing and Operating a Thermal Remediation System at an Active Industrial Site in BrazilT. Keijzer, S. Rameh, S. Moreno, T. Roza, P. Jacobs, and J. SeemanPosterView 
Inductive Thermal: Dynamic Stripping ProcessE.W. Reid, S. Delos Reyes, D. Nyarko, and B.C.W. McGeePosterView 
Challenges of Interpreting Micro-Scale Variations in Groundwater Conditions during and following Thermal Treatment at a Mixed LNAPL SiteC. Rockwell and P. NangeroniPosterView 
A Contaminant Mass Recovery Model for Electrical Resistance Heating Sites: Comparison with Actual Site DataD.A. Rountree PosterView 
In Situ Conductive Heating of a Chlorinated Hydrocarbon-Impacted Dutch Site: Lessons LearnedB. Scheffer, E. Marnette, S. Weelink, and N. PlougPosterView 
Addressing Specific Thermal Aspects and Risks in Tendering In Situ Thermal RemediationsB. Scheffer, E. Marnette, T. Ruffenach, J. Guerin, and D. HiezPosterView 
Fundamentals of Steam-Enhanced Remediation and Field ApplicationsL. StewartPosterView 
Modelling the Recovery of Volatile Organic Compounds during In Situ Thermal RemediationQ. Xie, K.G. Mumford, and B.H. KueperPosterView