Remediation Technologies

B2. Biological Remedies

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Flying below the Radar: What Are Those Other Microbes Doing?S. Dworatzek, J. Roberts, P. Dennis, and P. DollarPlatformViewView
Linking Acetylenotrophs to Microbial Remediation of Chlorinated SolventsD.M. Akob, Y. Shrestha, S.S. Baesman, and R.S. OremlandPlatformView 
Successful In Situ Pilot-Scale Test Design and Implementation to Treat Groundwater Impacted with PCE and TCE through Organic Carbon and Soluble Iron Injections J. Claffey, R. Ruhmke, J. Nguyen, K. White, and K. RamanandPlatformViewView
Converting a Stormwater Pond into a Multi-Stage Treatment Reactor for Arsenic, Ammonia, and Benzene at the Industri-Plex Superfund SiteB. Thompson, T. Majer, M. Kelley, C. Elder, C. Elmendorf, and J. GabrielPlatformViewView
Bioaugmentation for Remediation of Aerobic Vinyl Chloride PlumesT. Mattes, P. Richards, J. Roberts, J. Webb, P. Dennis, S. Dworatzek, P. Dollar, and N. DurantPlatformView 
Performance and Refresh of a Full-Scale Biowall System Designed to Treat Chlorinated Solvents in GroundwaterD.R. Griffiths, B. Badik, T. Belanger, and R. BattagliaPlatformViewView
The Oleophilic Biobarrier: Field Demonstration Results and Lessons Learned about a Novel, Sustainable Sheen RemedyM. Chalfant, W. Thomas, S. Dunn, R. Ahlers, and T. SalePlatformView 
Surprises and Mysteries from the Installation and Performance of 2000-feet of Biobarriers in Brackish WaterV. Hosangadi, R. Robitaille, P.L. Chang, and M. PoundPlatformViewView
In Situ Enhanced Bioremediation of TCE-Impacted Groundwater in an Aerobic AquiferD.N. Bekele, S. Chadalavada, M. Mallavarapu, and R. NaiduPosterViewView
Demonstrating Successful Performance of ERD Treatment at Multiple Sites at Hill Air Force Base, UtahG. Colgan, S. Smith, J. Wilde, K. Bradley, A. Castor, J. Cox, T. Isakson, M. Reynolds, and A. DziechciarzPosterView 
Use of Direct-Push Injections and a Biobarrier for Remediating Chlorinated Solvents during Residential RedevelopmentC. Elder, M. deFlaun, and J. HochreiterPosterViewView
Effects of Common Methods Used to Generate Anaerobic Water on Bioaugmentation Cultures Containing Dehalococcoides sp.N. Hey, S. Vainberg, and D. LeighPosterView 
Biodegradation of a Chlorinated Solvent Plume Enhanced by Reducing Chemical Conditions beneath a Former LandfillG. Kenoyer, A. Christensen, C. Chang, and N. PratheepmanowongPosterView 
How Effective are Biostimulation and Bioaugmentation for Chlorinated Ethenes in the Source Zone?L. LaPat-Polasko, B. Kutz, and T. McMahanPosterView 
Phased Lab-to-Field Bioremediation Amendment Screening for Cleanup of Explosives-Contaminated GroundwaterM.M. Michalsen, F. Crocker, A.S. King, J.D. Istok, and M. GanderPosterView 
Enhanced In Situ Bioremediation Pilot Study for Treatment of 1,1,1-TCA L. Mitchell, A. Taddeo, and P. DombrowskiPosterView 
Bioaugmentation for In Situ Discard of Clean Water from a Slop Tank B.M. SoaresPosterView 
Novel Approach to Remediate Free-Phase Contamination Using Bioaugmentation SouzaB.M. Soares and T.A.B.PosterView 
Organochloride Soil Remediation by Biostimulation via Intercalation of Aerobic and Anaerobic EnvironmentsJ.C. Moretti, B.J. Moretti, M. Moretti, and R. PanzettiPosterViewView
Remediation of Deep Trichloroethene Plume Using Enhanced In Situ Bioremediation TechnologyS. Ridenour, M. Cassidy, D. Nunez, and C. SandefurPosterViewView
Biodegradation Potential of Groundwater Contaminants by Acidophilic MethanotrophsY. Shao, C. Chen, and K. ChuPosterView 
Identification of the Iodate Terminal Reductase in Metal-Reducing BacteriaH.D. Shin, A. Mok, Y. Toporek, B. Lee, M.H. Lee, and T. DiChristinaPosterView 
Kinetic Analysis Implicates Nitrous Oxide as a Potent Inhibitor of the Bacterial Reductive Dehalogenation ProcessY. Yin, J. Yan, G. Chen, and F.E. LoefflerPosterView