Remediation Technologies

B7. Lessons Learned with In Situ Technologies

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Lessons Learned over 20 Years of Designing and Implementing Enhanced In Situ Bioremediation RemediesM. HarknessPlatformViewView
In Situ Chemical Oxidation: Lessons Learned at Multiple SitesJ. Baldock, K. Morris, T. Pac, J. Parikh, P. Santos, and J. SathayePlatformViewView
How Much Buffer Do You Need to Adjust Aquifer pH?B. Yuncu and R.C. BordenPlatformViewView
Full-Scale ISCR and EISB to Treat Chlorinated Solvents in Unsaturated Soils at a Former Chlorinated Solvents Manufacturing PlantJ. Daniels, M. Motylewski, J. Street, and B. SmithPlatformViewView
Lessons Learned from Direct-Push Injection of In Situ ReagentsM. McCaughey, R. Oesterreich, P. Jin, M. Gentile, A. Pennington, S. Burnell, M. Chalfant, and J. McDonoughPlatformViewView
Overcoming pH Effects on a "Stalled" In Situ Bioremediation SystemC.B. Bartley and C.R. ClymerPosterView 
More Lessons Learned from Common Mistakes Applying In Situ Remediation Technologies in the FieldK. Brasaemle and N. GoersPosterViewView
Advanced Design Study for the Evaluation of Dyed EVO Distribution via Recirculation in a Complex Hydrogeochemical SettingA. Brown, B.J. Lazar, N.M. Rabah, R.S. Germain, and M. LeePosterViewView
Pilot Study for In Situ Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater: Successes and ChallengesL. Conlan and L. LaPat-PolaskoPosterView 
Complex DNAPL Site 50-Year Plume Response to Successive Remedial Measures Employed with an Evolving Site Conceptual ModelD.T. Heidlauf and J. StumpfPosterView 
Long-Term Performance and Methanogenesis Associated with Four Remedial Amendments: Indiana SitesB. Dayharsh, K. Finneran, and J. MuellerPosterView 
Over Fifteen Years of Emulsified Vegetable Oil Applications: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!W.A. Newman and B.N. McShanePosterView 
Successes and Lessons Learned from a Soil Mixing Application with Sodium PersulfateM. Perlmutter and E. FilcPosterView 
Implementation Lessons Learned from a VOC-Contaminated Coastal Site in Monterey, CaliforniaA. Halmstad, A. Frankel, D. Moser, T. Wotan, C. Sandefur, and S. NigroPosterView 
Three Years of Reductive Dechlorination at a Chlorinated Solvent SiteJ.M. Yeager, A.J. Blayney, J.B. Connolly, C.M. Ross, and D.G. LarsonPosterView