Innovations in Bioremediation Technologies

D1. Enhanced Methods for Biodegradation of Organic and Inorganic Contaminants



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Verified Carbon Tetrachloride and Chloroform Transformation via Biotic, Abiotic, and Reactive Iron Sulfide Mechanisms. S.D. Justicia-Leon, J. Martin Tilton, M. Schnobrich, C. Divine, S. Ulrich, D. Liles, and D. Taggart.ViewView
Methanotrophic Cometabolic Enhanced Natural Attenuation at a Confidential Southeastern Pennsylvania TCE Superfund Site. T. Cornuet, C. Fogas, M. Hencken, N. DiMarcello, J. Garvey, and M. Maloney.  ViewView
Sulfate, Magnetite, Sheep, and Chlorinated Solvent Bioremediation: Biodegradation of TCE in a High Sulfate Fractured Bedrock Environment. M. Harkness, P. Hare, P. Freyer, and L. Scheuing.  ViewView
New Integrated Biogeochemical/Electrochemical Method for Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater. E. Elgressy, G. Elgressy, R. Mandelbaum, G. Mandelbaum, and J. Mueller.ViewView
Current Advances in Bioelectrochemical Treatment of Persistent Groundwater Contaminants. J. Blotevogel and S. Mahendra.ViewView
Enhanced Bioremediation of a Consortium of Contaminants at a Historic Chemical-Production Facility. E.M. Jennings, C. Walecka-Hutchison, M. Whaley, T. Tambling, N. Anderson, R. Wenzel, R. Stuetzle, and J. Bunton.ViewView
PCB Bioremediation: Finally Coming of Age?. U. Ghosh, K. Sowers, T. Needham, and R. Payne.ViewView
Exploiting the Synergism of a Tripartite Association of Pinus patula, Ectomycorrhizal Fungi and Rhizosphere Bacteria for the Biodegradation of Soil Phenanthrene and Fluoranthene. R.A. Adeleke, M.P. Maila, M.M. Bello-Akinosho, and M. Thantsha.View 
Full-Scale Application of Abiotic and Biotic Reductive Dechlorination to Treat Dissolved Trichloroethene and Daughter Products. A. Cuellar and L. Sweet.View 
Anaerobic Degradation of Chlorinated Propanes and Methanes by a New Microbial Consortium. S. Vainberg and P.B. Hatzinger.View 
Combined Abiotic and Biotic TCE Reduction Bench Study Using Local Organic Carbon and Iron Sources Conducted in Sao Paulo, Brazil. K.A. Morris, M. Singer, and B. Gil.View 
Impact of Hydrogen Peroxide on Horizontal Transfer of Naphthalene-Degrading Genes. A. Fox and K. Millerick.ViewView
Phased Remedial Approach Following the BATNEEC Principle to Address Off-Site Migration Risks. M. Ohse, P. Valle, O. Vounaki, and L. Crucifix.View 
Sorption and Elution Behavior of Slow Release Electron Donor Used to Support Biodegradation of Chlorate and Perchlorate. J. Gonzales, S. Shrestha, N. Martin, J. Batista, and R. Britto.ViewView
Successful Denitrification Using Food-Grade Lecithin. J. Sheldon, K. Smail, and J. Molin.ViewView
Is It Time to Revisit PCB Remediation Practices? R. Tehrani and B. Van Aken.View