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PFAS Assessment & Mitigation

We're at the forefront of PFAS research, conducting urgently needed research to better understand the fate and transport of PFAS and minimizing environmental and human health concerns.

"Most people in the United States have one or more specific PFAS in their blood, especially PFOS and PFOA." Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry website

Integrated, Science-Enabling Solutions

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been widely used in the United States in a variety of applications, and there are concerns about widespread contamination, environmental risks and human health implications. Battelle’s unmatched technical expertise, capabilities and facilities provide cost-effective solutions to address this challenge.

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Don't Move PFAS. Destroy It.


Battelle has adopted supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) for PFAS destruction. In bench-scale trials of more than 30 PFAS-contaminated sample types, PFAS Annihilator demonstrated more than 99.99% destruction of total PFAS on multiple occasions.

This white paper provides a glimpse into the science behind the technology, the various Annihilator systems we have available for use and some highlights of the data we've complied while running the system in our lab.

Download Battelle's white paper on PFAS Annihilator


PFAS, PFOA, PFOS Assessment, Mitigation, Remediation and Restoration

Battelle has an accredited lab specific for PFAS

Accredited PFAS Lab

We apply rigorous quality controls to accurately measure even trace levels of PFAS in a variety of matrices including sediments, soils, water, leachate, biological tissues and drinking water. We are proud to say our laboratory in Norwell, Massachusetts, is one of only a few to have NELAP and DoD ELAP accreditation. 

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Battelle's credibility is based on independence and objectivity

PFAS vs. Past Contaminants

PFAS are significantly different than other environmental contaminants that have been dealt with in the past. Why? The strong carbon-fluorine (C-F) bond is what makes these compounds so useful in applications such as non-stick coatings and firefighting foams. But it also is what makes them difficult to remediate in the environment.

Check out the other ways PFAS are difficult to address 

Leading New Discoveries

Battelle is a company like no other. Our credibility is based on independence and objectivity. For 90 years, our clients have sought our independent, candid and innovative approach to solving problems. As a result, Battelle offers an unbiased perspective in the design and implementation stages of restoration activities. 

As a research institution, Battelle is uniquely qualified – we have the capability to solve new challenges with the novel science that is needed with basic research, but we are nimble and moving forward to find solutions quickly, testing them not in research projects, but in the field.

Cutting Through the Complexity

Battelle offers optimized solutions for your toughest contamination challenges with objective, science-based answers. We bring together all the expertise you need, including fate and transport modeling, chemistry, environmental science, toxicology and data analytics to provide accurate, defensible data and objective analysis.

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News & Insights

PFAS impacts on human health

5 Things to Know About PFAS and Human Health

Because of the pervasive use and persistent nature of PFAS, there is widespread human exposure. Battelle dives into this topic in our white paper.

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Battelle PFAS Predict™ will give military bases a new tool to track and predict the movement of PFAS

Modeling the Movement of PFAS Plumes in Groundwater

PFAS are notoriously hard to monitor. Our PFAS Predict™ technology is a new tool to track and predict the movement of PFAS in groundwater.

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Photo: PFAS Foam

Battelle Introduces New Passive Sampler for PFAS

As concerns about Americans’ exposure to a certain group of chemical substances continues to grow, Battelle researchers have added another tool in ...

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Photos of fire fighters using foam

Battelle to Validate New Fire Suppression Foams for Dep’t of Defense

Battelle researchers have embarked on a project for the United States Department of Defense’s (DoD) environmental research programs to examine comm...

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