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Banyan Technology™ offers a unique, sustainable breakthrough technology that enables the creation of new products based on liquid, chemically stable and efficacious formulations of Sulfonylurea (SU) herbicides.
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Revolutionize Your SU Herbicide Formulations

Discover the benefits of Banyan Technology and its impact on addressing chemically stable Sulfonylurea (SU) herbicide formulations. Eradicate myths surrounding SU herbicide formulations as water-dispersible granules (WG).

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Banyan Technology™ enables diverse liquid formulations of Sulfonylurea herbicides with various herbicide classes, for the first time, helping Crop Protection companies meet farmers’ most demanding needs and expand their options.
Achieve a competitive advantage by gaining differentiation and expanding into new markets through highly efficacious liquid sulfonylurea (SU) co-formulated herbicide products.

Achieve exceptional results with less pesticide product, aligning with sustainability goals and regulatory compliance, such as the EU’s Green Deal and Farm to Fork.

Some farmers prefer using liquid herbicides due to their ease of handling and application, but these products can be unstable in high temperatures. Banyan Technology™ provides a chemically stable and easily blendable option to address these challenges.



Crop Protection - Crystal Managing Director

Feb 1, 2024, 10:59 AM
Title : Crop Protection - Crystal Managing Director
Name : Ankur Aggarwal
Position : Managing Director of Crystal Crop Protection Limited
We highly recommend Battelle and Banyan Technology™ to any company seeking innovation in formulation development for Sulfonylurea herbicides.

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Learn more about the development of Banyan Technology solutions and eradicate myths surrounding SU herbicide formulations as water-dispersible granules (WG).


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