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Precision Application Technologies

Battelle provides industry leading solutions that enable prescriptive and targeted applications of products to reduce pesticide use, spray drift, and operator exposures. Our precision application technologies enhance crop yields and boost profitability while maintaining safety and sustainability within the global food system.
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Enhancing yields, profits and fostering sustainability

As a leading global center of excellence in precision application technologies, Battelle boasts unmatchable decades of expertise in bio aerosol sciences, modelling, mechanical and chemical engineering, as well as quantitative analytical chemistry support. Our unique ISO and GLP-compliant facilities enable our clients to make data-driven decisions when their products are tested.

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Spray Drift & Droplet Size Characterization

We establish droplet size and precisely model spray drift potential for product labeling and registration using U.S. EPA-approved protocols.
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Test & Evaluation of Application Technology

Use our wind tunnels and facilities to test a high number of formulations or products at a much lower cost and with higher accuracy than in the field. We can evaluate agriculture drones/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), spray nozzles, shielded or hooded booms, sample collectors and plant exposures.
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Volatility Assessment

With the ability to run 800 volatility tests a week, Battelle’s scale and throughput surpass any other contract research organization. We use dedicated environment-controlled chambers to develop analytical methods and conduct volatility tests at field scale, in the AgDT.
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UAV Testing

Utilize our fleet of agricultural drones to test spray drift applications under controlled conditions using real test article chemistry formulations.
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Our State-of-the-Art Facilities

The key to informed decision-making is good data. At Battelle, our full-scale, wind-controlled testing facilities reduce the time and costs typically associated with laborious field-based spray drift studies and enable our clients to reduce risks and meet regulatory requirements.

Agricultural Drift Tunnel

Environmental Chamber

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Crop Protection Solutions

From bioformulation and biotechnology to physical chemistry analyses and regulatory support, Battelle provides a full range of innovative solutions to help agrochemical developers and producers meet regulatory requirements and quickly bring products to new international markets.
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