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Regulatory Support

Battelle helps you smartly navigate the registration process with confidence, reduce risks and reach new international markets. Our full range of regulatory services are designed to drive your crop protection, biological, and biopesticide to market quickly and efficiently.
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Getting your smart-sustainable solutions and products to market

Battelle has a long-standing reputation in the U.S. and Europe for being a trusted partner in regulatory affairs. We provide innovative full-scale registration and re-registration support, as well as expert advice in dossier compilation for conventional crop protection products and biologicals. Our work is supported by a team of multidisciplinary scientific experts with complementary skill sets and various backgrounds from the crop protection, contract research, and regulatory consulting industries and national authorities – offering a 360-degree expert solution.

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Regulatory Affairs

We integrate industry-leading scientific lab work and deep knowledge in international regulatory requirements to help you accelerate product registration and re-registration.
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Risk Assessment

Battelle helps you to meet health and safety regulatory standards and minimize exposures by providing reliable and defensible data for both standard and higher-tier risk assessments.
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Environmental Modeling

Battelle matches fast, accurate computer modeling with ample expertise in a broad spectrum of computer models and databases to identify key data that can advance the registration of agrochemicals.
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Taskforce Management

We bring vast regulatory experience and project management support to ensure our clients’ success. We combine decades of experience with molecules, ecotox and toxicology, analytical chemistry, and modeling to deliver specialized client solutions.
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Project Management

We ensure quality, communication and efficiency when it comes to scope of both regulatory and testing programs Our team can conduct the GAP analysis, source the studies needed for registering an active ingredient and support the preparation of registration dossiers.
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Aged Sorption

Battelle offered consultancy and dataset analysis for the recently approved guidance on Aged Sorption guidelines as a higher tier option for groundwater assessment. This is a useful refinement option for pesticides and metabolites that currently fail the groundwater assessment.
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EPA Submission Support for Pesticides

Battelle’s expert regulatory professionals can help Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA) applicants ensure successful submission.  Our keen understanding of data requirements and expertise in modeling, data-gap assessment, study placement and monitoring enable us to take the lead or act as an extension of your organization to work with your registration experts for discipline-specific requirements.

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Crop Protection Solutions


From bioformulation and biotechnology to physical chemistry analyses and regulatory support, Battelle provides a full range of innovative solutions to help agrochemical developers and producers meet regulatory requirements and quickly bring new products to new international markets.

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