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Two Nurses and One Nun

Battelle CCDS™ Makes a Difference When It's Needed Most in New Mexico

Inside Battelle

Posted by TR Massey on Aug 4, 2020

COLUMBUS, Ohio (August 4, 2020)—At the Little Sisters of the Poor’s Villa Guadalupe facility in Gallup, New Mexico, the pandemic situation was dire. Lenda Greene, who works for the New Mexico Medical Reserve Corps, has been in charge of the international Catholic organization’s facility since April, and the former Marine heeded the call for heroes. The problem began when staff had to quarantine because of the pandemic or were too fearful to come to work. “Whenever this pandemic hit, the Little Sisters had no place to turn,” said Greene. “They still had people to take care of and not enough hands on deck. They sent out an SOS—I got emails from five different people saying, ‘We need help now!’ I was like, ‘Let’s do this. Let’s go in there.’”

Greene, a trained EMT, firefighter, hazardous materials technician and former police officer, has been dealing with a shortage of N95 masks. “When I first got here in April, donations were rolling in like you wouldn’t believe,” she said. “Now it’s stopped. We got some help from the stockpile, but we have a very vulnerable population and not enough N95s. We asked for more. They said, ‘Use what you have.’ In the meantime, we’re going to be OK because of Battelle.”

Greene said she jumped at the chance to get her staff’s masks decontaminated for free with the Battelle Critical Care Decontamination System™. “It’s a godsend,” she said. “Being able to send them to Battelle and get them back…there’s no reason to throw it away if you can reuse it. You have to take care of what you have. You can’t keep going out and buying more. And if everyone would get on board the supply chain can catch up. Hopefully more people will get on board with it. Anyone who doesn’t understand the PPE shortage hasn’t been watching what’s going on.”

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